The Hospitality Manager’s Guide to a New Era of Meetings & Events

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It may feel like we’ve been in uncertain times for a while now, and the truth is, we have. But the return of in-person events isn’t just back—it’s growing. Our industry, built on bringing people together, is finally able to return to its roots. And yet, we’re not back to where we stared. The industry has changed, and we all have to learn to change along with it. 

From rising costs and inflation to staffing problems to the resurgence of COVID-19 concerns, you have a lot on your plate. Revisiting the fundamentals will be key in adapting for the future. This ebook is here to help you navigate the acceleration of meetings and events, backed up by our industry data and insights. We want to help you capitalize on your resilience the past few years. 

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  • How the past few years have changed the way event planners think and what they want 

  • Back to basics ideas of marketing and sales to help you succeed 

  • The key to getting ahead for the future might just be weddings 

Cvent is right by your side as you navigate these uncertain times.