What You Need to Know

For all the progress many corporations have made in recent years in deploying strategic practices and policies to help manage their meetings programs, one aspect of meetings management remains a slippery challenge: the management of small, simple meetings. Whether designed to train employees, strategize, team build, meet with customers or any other purpose, small, simple meetings can represent as much as 80 percent of an organization’s events, and some meetings practitioners are beginning to realize the benefits of developing a companywide strategy and exploring new technologies to better manage them.

While cost savings through better negotiations are an opportunity, the benefits of managing small, simple meetings extend far beyond dollars saved. Among the most compelling advantages small meetings management offers is the ability to better capture the attendee and spending data of these meetings and their attendees. Better visibility into that data allows organizations not only the ability to help track the locations of meeting attendees from a duty-of-care perspective but also the chance to leverage spending data for the purpose of future negotiations.

This whitepaper focuses on the opportunities that managing small, simple meetings can offer, as well as the strategies practitioners can use to help develop and deploy such strategies. In detailing the opportunities, this paper highlights why companies can no longer afford inaction on this topic. Now is the time to develop and deploy a strategy to finally address this subject. Download the full whitepaper to continue reading.