When Brainshark was upgrading from a single solution to a platform solution, they needed to build and streamline their lead generation strategy in order to manage the lead lifecycle. Events, both online and offline, are a key approach to capturing Brainshark leads. In order to continue to grow, Brainshark needed an all-in-one event management solution that integrated with WebEx, Salesforce, and Eloqua.


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increase in registration numbers


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Brainshark needed an event management solution that integrated with WebEx, Salesforce, and Eloqua. The Brainshark team was spending countless hours manually moving information from Cvent to Salesforce. This was not a scalable solution for an organization focused on expanding their number of events. Brainshark needed an event management solution that integrated with all their marketing tools from WebEx to Salesforce to Eloqua.


What They Wanted:

  • A web-based tool to automate event management.
  • Ability to streamline registration date across systems.
  • Generate and share reports automatically across the organization.


The Benefits of Cvent

Event Marketing, Management, and Integrations

After using Cvent for a year, Brainshark was able to increase the number of events they did by 50 percent. As Brainshark event offerings increased, so did participation – Brainshark saw more than a 250 percent increase in total registration numbers. “We’ve really targeted prospects for our events. As an example, we’ll look at Cvent registration and if we see a prospect register for a related topic, we’ll invite them to similar web topics or even a city tour to accelerate the buying cycle. With just a few clicks in Cvent, Kevin and team can do that,” said Babinski.


Event Reporting

Lee, the power user at Brainshark, uses Cvent reporting for email alerts to keep track of event registrations to know when events are nearing capacity and which need more marketing. The Brainshark marketing department looks at the Registrants Report in order to assemble the events calendar and prioritize marketing efforts. Other Brainshark stakeholders leverage Cvent Parked Reports, a feature which emails information on a recurring basis to people associated with a specific report.

Event Management Features


The Results

Streamlined Event Marketing Strategy

Brainshark marketing team is able to scale their events and lead generation strategy with ease. “I’m able to manage so many other programs at the same time because the Cvent system streamlines data of all of my events, both online and offline, across our data systems.” As a result, Brainshark has seen an increase of over 50 percent in total events, tripled the number of registrants, and more than doubled the average increase in participation per event from year one to year two with Cvent.

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