What You Need to Know

Cvent’s Supplier Network Student Certification is a free certification program available for professors to incorporate into their course materials for students to gain a better understanding of technology used in the hospitality industry.

What Should I Provide in my Class Roster?

Include students’ first name, last name, and email address (preferably their school email address) in an Excel document. If your school doesn't allow you to share email addresses with third parties, then students will need to sign up individually at cvent.com/university.

These students should enter the same info for "University Name" and "Professor Name" to ensure we can keep classes separate.

What if My Students Fail the Exam?

Students must score 65% or higher to pass the exam. If a student does not pass the first time, they can retake the exam.

We will need instructor permission to reopen an exam for a third attempt.

How long is the certification valid?

Student Certification is valid for two years. 

What is the process for Student Certification as a professor?

1. Submit Your Class Roster

Email [email protected] with a list of your students.

Once the class is registered, you’ll receive a link to share with students.

3. Students Finish an Interactive Module

They’ll send an RFP, respond with a proposal, and compare bids.

4. Students Take the Exam

A 15-question assessment immediately follows.

5. We Send You the Results

Once the class deadline passes, we’ll send you a report that includes their scores.