Join the Cvent Community


Join the Cvent Community

Cvent Community is a critical resource for our customers. It offers a platform to:

  • Network with other industry professionals, including planners and supplier

  • Discover best practices and tips from other the knowledge base and other users
  • Share your ideas and be part of our product innovation
  • Learn more about our products and the latest enhancements
Cvent Community is filled with so many gems to learn and explore and it is done in such a fun way.
Vinessa Natoya Uter
Administrative Assistant, Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa
Master your skills with Cvent Academy


Master your skills with Cvent Academy

Whether you are new to Cvent or looking to master our newest product enhancements, Cvent Academy helps sharpen your skills and boost your productivity.

  • Take your skills to the next level whether you’re a new or experienced Cvent user

  • Access video and instructor-led training courses to fit your schedule or skill level

  • Monitor your progress to learn at your pace and track your goals

  • Prove your skills with certifications, giving you a competitive advantage

The Cvent Certification...has helped in managing the leads better within the account resulting in an increased online conversation rate
Gennaro Maria Zinno
Recruiter & HR Office Administrator, Mediterraneo Marketing Srls
Stay current on new product features


Stay current on new product features

  • Short and informative webinars designed to help you stay “in the know” about critical enhancements to Cvent technology solution suite

  • Build new skills and stay agile to better meet planners' needs and expectations

Join our loyalty program and become a Cvent Celebrity


Join our loyalty program; become a Cvent Celebrity

  • Add an extra dose of fun with Cvent’s customer loyalty program

  • Earn points by completing fun challenges and activities

  • Get rewards such as Cvent CONNECT registration, Cvent Academy Training Workshops, Cvent-branded goodies, and e-gift cards to your favorite retailers

My experience with Cvent Celebrity has been totally fantastic. It is such a fun and entertaining way to spend my break time.
Stephanie Guastini
Catering & Sales Manager, Holiday Inn Charlotte-Center City
Hear directly from our customers


Hear directly from our customers

See how our customers use Cvent to transform their business. From convention bureaus, boutique hotels to some of the largest companies in the world, our customers have plenty of amazing successes to inspire you.

Additional resources for hospitality partners

Need personal assistance with a critical issue?

Browse tutorials, articles, and in-depth product walkthroughs

Cvent Customer Digest

A one-stop digest for Suppliers & Venues with most recent updates on customer-focused programs, resources, thought leadership events, product webinars, and new product features

Stay up to date on supplier and venue focused initiatives