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Connect your hotel to the CSN

Join the 280K+ hotels and venues that are already listed

Track sales performance across hotels

Create customizable reports that deliver the insights you need in a click

Close deals and manage business relationships

Be more effective with integrated BEOs and contracting tools

Sales & Catering CRM

A seamless transition

Take it easy as we manage every step of the migration process from your existing system to Sales & Catering CRM.

Sales & Catering CRM

As easy as a sticky note

Get new users up to speed fast with the easiest-to-learn sales & catering tool—so you can continue to respond to leads faster than your competitors.

Sales & Catering CRM

Custom reports make life easy

Keep an eye on the most important data and make smart decisions fast with custom Pace reports, GRC reports, and more.

Gain a major competitive advantage with Sales & Catering CRM

All in one

Bring your sales and operations teams together with integrations that place the Sales & Catering CRM at the center of your hotel’s day-to-day business.

Powerful task assignment

Stay focused on the top priorities by assigning tasks that automatically highlight the most important accounts at login.

Easy-to-use interface

Save time and money when you give your team access to best-in-class customer management software that they can learn in minutes.

End-to-end customer management

Receive leads automatically, close them fast, and generate custom contracts and BEOs instantly, saving hours in paperwork and headaches.

Regional hotel management

Share contacts, accounts, and leads across as many sister venues as you need, and let your Regional Sales Managers close more group business.

Painless data migration

Take it easy while we migrate data from your existing system to the Sales & Catering CRM, so that all your leads and customers are available from day one.