A virtual conference platform designed for a new age of events

Scale to fit

Manage your conference effectively from small informal meetings up to the mega-conference with hundreds of thousands of virtual attendees.

Complicated agendas

Manage multi-tracks schedules, private sessions, and fees quickly and easily.

Attendee personalization

Delight and engage your attendees with content and programming targeted for them and send them down their unique journey through your conference.

A solution that supports your most complex conference

Flexible session streaming

Flexible session streaming

Provide captivating sessions that support and improve all your sessions’ formats.

  • Use highly produced studio feeds to deliver dynamic keynotes to all virtual conference attendees
  • Offer panel discussions with moderators on the live Q&A for on-point audience engagement
  • Collaborative sessions supporting roundtable discussions for small groups
  • Make use your preferred video conferencing provider via RTMP
  • Stream live, simu-live, and/or recorded session content based on your speaker availability
  • Leverage production tools or have our experts produce professional session feeds for you
Sponsor and exhibitor ROI

Connect attendees with sponsors and exhibitors by providing opportunities for brand awareness and lead generation. Our virtual booths feature, video conferencing, appointment scheduling, attendee requests, and much more.

  • Allow attendees to self-schedule meetings with sponsors and exhibitors and facilitate discussions between them
  • Provide sponsored sessions that allow sponsors a channel to tell their story and get a list of who attended
  • Enable exhibitors to engage with attendees in virtual booths and offer additional tools like video breakout rooms and downloadable collateral and videos
Interactive and productive conferences

Interactive and productive conferences


Maximize virtual attendee networking opportunities, community building and engagement.

  • Offer all the important engagement functions like Q&A and Polling to keep attendees focused and engaged with the sessions
  • Engage attendees with each other during sessions in our popular Live Chat
  • Provide exciting opportunities to interact with other virtual attendees with messaging, group discussions, networking and 1-1 meetings to foster networking during the conference
  • Let attendees download session documents, watch important videos, and organize their personal schedules to make the most out of the conference
Data Rich Conferences

Data rich conferences

Capture data and insights from each touchpoint along the attendee journey during your conference. Out-of-the-box integrations with CRMs and marketing automation ensure your sales teams can follow up confidently with informed discussions

  • A single platform means all your conference data is in a single reliable place without the hassle of connecting multiple solutions
  • All your conference data is stored securely, and with necessary governance controls in place so data capture, legality, and retrieval won’t keep you up at night
  • One of the industry’s most trusted event marketing and management software platforms for virtual conferences
Virtual Events- Support

Select the right level of support

Our customer service team of 800+ is ready for you 24/7. We have helped manage 118,000+ virtual events in 2020.

  • Connect with Cvent experts and fellow customers in the Cvent Community, home of our training and educational content
  • Ensure a seamless experience with additional virtual event-specific services, like configuration, webcast and speaker support, and full project management
  • Utilize advanced production tools like dynamic layouts, custom graphics, virtual green rooms, and toggling between multiple live feeds and VOD content

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