The power and
flexibility to create
any event you can imagine.

This is registration.

We believe registration technology should be as responsive, intuitive, and flexible as the events you plan. It’s a simple thought. And the one that guides every update we make. See for yourself.

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We’re handing the controls back to you.

The difference between a good event and an awesome experience is all in how you plan. It’s in your control over the details. Our technology removes the friction from your planning and gives you greater dominion over the details that matter—enabling you to see, respond to, and do more.

Simply. Create Anything.

Through a menu of intuitive controls you can design entire event sites from a single window. All in a few effortless clicks. Because creating events should be as fun as attending them.

  • Drag-and-drop widgets
  • Design in real-time
  • Preview without publishing
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This changes everything.

Your registration site sets the tone for your entire event. Control perceptions by selecting a base theme and setting the rules for virtually every page element you can think of. Style once. Apply all.

  • Design modern site themes
  • Brand pages automatically
  • Standardize preferred styles
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Build responsively.

Create registration sites that work beautifully on every device right out of the box. Simply resize your browser at any point to experience what your site feels like on desktop, tablet, or mobile. It's what you asked for. And it's what your attendees expect.

  • Responsive site designer
  • Device-proof presentation
  • Developed collaboratively with planners
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Project Flex powers registration for companies of every size.


Save now. Publish later.

Sometimes you need to pause, step back, and change gears before publishing live to the world. So we added ‘save’ to give you some breathing room between versions. Just one more button and one less thing to worry about.

  • Save your improvements
  • Publish new versions
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Restore with confidence.

Need to make a change? Restoring earlier versions of your site has never been easier. Two clicks transport you to any iteration from within your published history. And we made sure to pin your current version to the top so you always know you’re working on the right one.

  • Archive down to the minute
  • Add notes to any version
  • See what’s published at a glance
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Validate your progress.

Our technology has your back when you need to build and design sites quickly. It double checks your work each time you save or publish—or whenever you choose—to guarantee your attendees always have a great experience.

  • Soft warnings identify best practices
  • Hard error check prevents broken links and site experiences
  • No coding required
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Do anything you set your mind to.

There are two types of event planners: The ones who plan events, and the ones who create experiences you can’t wait to attend. Project Flex transforms everyday events into moments worth anticipating.

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Imagine what you could do.

Project Flex is the smart way to plan powerful registration experiences of any size.

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