Event Management Solutions for Non-Profit & Charity Organisations

A customisable event management software to increase the success of your fundraising efforts and other events

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Event Management Software Features for Non-Profit Organisations

While fundraising goals climb annually, and resources dwindle, thousands of non-profits and charities use Cvent's Event Management platform to help achieve their development goals and retain donors year after year.

Cvent's platform of event management tools can help automate time consuming tasks, allowing you more flexibility to focus on your organisation's greater mission.

With our Event Management Solution, you can:

  • Send personalised messages

    Send personalised messages

    Send targeted, personalised email campaigns to foster relationships with donors, volunteers and staff members.

  • Securely collect payments

    Securely collect payments

    Quickly and securely accept online donations and gifts directly into your bank account.

  • Create email newsletters

    Create email newsletters

    Generate branded email newsletters in no time – technical expertise not required.

  • Build custom event websites

    Build custom event websites

    Create custom event websites in minutes to promote your event and drive attendance.

  • Engage delegates

    Engage delegates

    Aggregate your delegates' event related social content and display it live at the event.

  • Enhance delegates' experience

    Enhance delegates experience

    Provide up-to-date event information to your members using our native mobile event apps.

  • Check in delegates

    Check in delegates

    Check members into events and sessions as quickly as possible and say goodbye to long queues.

  • Leverage robust reporting

    Leverage robust reporting

    Generate ROI reports about donations and event fees with our event reporting features.

  • Collect post-event feedback

    Collect post-event feedback

    Analyse delegate feedback to determine the success of your current event and improve future events.