September 19, 2019
By Felicia Asiedu

To organise a successful event, you need to make sure your registration game is on point – that means getting the maximum number of attendees through the door in a short time. Event registration includes many aspects, and none is more important than badging. If you are organising a large-scale conference or trade show, then creating pre-printed badges for thousands of attendees and arranging them out a night before the event or on the day of the event can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. And there’s always the possibility of last-minute registrants turning up or manual errors creeping in, which can lead to a royal mess-up if you attempt to sort it out onsite registration.

What’s the solution?

Switch to on-demand badge printing.


On-demand badge printing allows your event to be more flexible, cost-efficient, and professional. You can get an attendee through the door in as few as 3 seconds, while also accept walk-ins and last-minute registrations. You will capture attendee data easily as on-demand badge printing allows you to directly the data in real-time with your event registration solution. Since you no longer have to pre-print and sort thousands of badges, you can save precious time and also rectify any errors that might have crept in.

Here are the top 6 reasons that will certainly convince you to switch to on-demand badge printing for your event:

It’s Up-to-Date

On-demand badge printing syncs data in real-time so that you don’t have to close registrations before the event to pre-print badges. Easily accept walk-ins and have all the data synced into your event management system.

Better Attendee Experience

Printing badges with the right branding and category can contribute to better attendee and exhibitor experiences. Have barcodes, QR codes, profile pictures, personal programmes, RFID and NFC technology to further enhance event experience.

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly

No more printing badges for no-shows or name changes! That’s how you can make your event environment-friendly and save event cost! Self-check-in kiosks combined with manned registration desks with live badge printing can reduce staffing by up to 50%.

Faster and Efficient

On-demand badge printing along with your onsite event check-in app is the fastest way to check your guest into the event. The process also eliminates the tedious process of finding a pre-printed badge on a large table. Additionally, it also provides a live count of the number of visitors checked in, as well as real-time visitor listings.

Increase Sponsorship Opportunity

Monetise your badges by including sponsor branding. It is a great up-selling opportunity and allows your sponsors to create more visibility. Coupled with lead scanning, live badging provides valuable data enrichment for all stakeholders.

It’s Less Stressful

Get a good night’s sleep by worrying less about last-minute list changes and cancellations. With on demand badge printing, you can forget about such problems, and focus more on important things associated with your events.

Things to keep in mind before you shift to on-demand badge printing

  • Back Up Data Regularly: Make sure you have data backed up and stored locally on your device, just in case the Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
  • Keep Data Synchronised: Use the Wi-Fi or internet connection to synchronise data between different workstations or in the cloud whenever possible.
  • Always Have Power Backup: In case of power failures, make sure you have backup power. It is a good practice to ask the venue about power back up and, if that’s not available, keep a small UPS power unit in each of your registration desks.

On-demand badge printing is just one aspect of using technology to improve your events. To create flawless experiences and maximise attendee engagement, event organisers are leveraging a host of advanced onsite event technology such as facial recognition, and virtual and augmented reality. Learn more about these technologies and how you can use them to level up your event by downloading this eBook ‘Upgrading Your Events with Onsite Event Technology’.


Felicia Asiedu

An experienced CIM qualified marketing professional, Felicia is the European Marketing Manager at Cvent and has nearly 15 years’ sales and marketing experience in fast-moving technology businesses. She's responsible for the strategic direction of the marketing team in Europe, including expansion planning, campaign execution, demand generation and event management. Before joining Cvent, Felicia held multiple marketing and business development positions with technology providers including Rackspace, Telecity Group (now Equinix), Infinity Data Centres and Merrill Corporation (now Datasite). Having had a healthy appetite for events for many years, she also has experience in planning and hosting both corporate and private events as well as speaking at both live and virtual events.
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