The Value of the Events you Attend

Maximising your ROI at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions

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Trade show and conference attendance play a crucial role in helping to boost a company’s sales pipeline. Yet exhibitors still struggle to capture and follow-up on leads efficiently and miss pivotal opportunities to maximise facetime with prospects onsite – which ultimately means lost revenue.

Cvent surveyed more than 2,000 business event attendees to discover their behaviours and experiences after attending at least one trade show, conference or major business networking event.

The study uncovered the thought processes attendees go through when arranging pre-scheduled appointments and meeting exhibitors as well as their encounters of post-event follow-ups.

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  • The top reasons attendees would not do business with exhibitors and salespeople following an event
  • How to leverage the data you capture to follow-up on and convert more leads
  • The opportunities that are being missed to connect with attendees before, during and after conferences, exhibitions and trade shows
Events you attend report