Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Success Story

$1 : $24

ROI for every $1 invested is $24


Conversion rate*
*Awarded RFPs divided by the number of bids submitted


Increase in unique RFPs

Targeting Unexplored Markets

While Carlson Rezidor already had an established presence in many countries, being in the hotel industry required them to constantly sell themselves in newer markets. They recognised that lack of brand awareness would act as an obstacle, and were concerned about missing out on MICE opportunities, which represented an important segment of their business.

Carlson Rezidor saw the value of investing in Cvent to increase their visibility in Asia Pacific and similar upcoming markets. "Our global team was aware of Cvent and began the relationship. And we started hearing about these leads, these opportunities that were coming through this tool and shortly we realized we were getting them too. So it made natural sense for us to make an investment in marketing on the tool and that's proven to be very, very successful" says Sandy Russell, Vice President of Commercial Operations.

Producing Remarkable Results

After using Cvent's marketing solutions, Carlson Rezidor found they were able to make their presence felt in unexplored territories. The tool made them available to buyers in cities that were off the beaten path. "So in some of those places that are not gateway cities, we have Cvent now to kind of turn on the light for us and put us under the microscope, which is terrific" adds Russell.

With the increase in their brand value in new markets, Carlson Rezidor noticed a considerable rise in the RFPs secured. Till November 2016, they registered a 125.7% increase in total RFPs and a 55% growth in total room nights. Even for the deals that didn't work out (due to being already booked or other similar reasons), the hotel group felt comforted with the knowledge of at least being seen by the buyer. This ensured that the buyer would remember to consider Carlson Rezidor the next time they searched for MICE options.

The Future Looks Bright

With business being delivered right at the doorstep of their hotels, it has become clear to Carlson Rezidor that they made the right decision by investing in Cvent's solutions. "I've heard from New World, Radisson Blue Cebu, I've heard from the Radisson Blue in Bangkok, and those are all hotels that are thrilled. And they are also some of our biggest ‘feet' producers" states Russell.

Carlson Rezidor is currently experiencing a 60% y-o-y growth in MICE production and plans to double its hotels in Asia Pacific in the next couple of years. The hotel group strongly feels Cvent's solutions played a key role in their success and intends to incorporate Cvent in their future marketing strategies. "One of the things that I like the best about CVENT is the relationship that we have with them as a vendor and you know what, they are not even a vendor. They are a partner. They are really a partner in our success" stated Russell.