August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
Mobile apps have shaped the way we live our lives today. From banking on the go to ordering groceries online, there is literally an app for everything. Because of the speed at which we can get things done now, the world has significantly changed thanks to mobile apps. Whether it’s changed for the better or worse is up for debate, but below are 4 ways mobile apps have changed the way we live our daily lives.

 1. Immediate Need for Information

You probably hear the phrase ‘just Google it’ at least once daily. Because of mobile apps that allow you to search for essentially anything, anytime, anywhere, we all have this sense of urgency to find information. Back 20 years ago, I doubt that people sitting around the dinner table suddenly needed to know the name of the actress who played Peggy in Married With Children right then and there. But today, that scenario is very much a reality, and we genuinely feel the need to Google something on the spot to get the answers to our relatively pointless queries. Because of this sense of immediacy, when information isn’t available right away, it’s frustrating.

2. Instant Communication & Connection

With mobile apps for messaging, social networking and video chatting, it’s easier to communicate now than ever before. You can stay connected to loved ones living in different countries, follow old classmates on social media and video chat with your dog while you’re on vacation (I can’t be the only one who does this, right?). While having constant communication at our fingertips has opened up doors for us that were never possible before, staying connected at all times does have its pitfalls. For example, I’m sure we’ve all been here: when we text someone and don’t get a reply right away, causing us to get impatient and annoyed. Prior to having mobile apps made for communicating, it wasn’t unusual to go days, even weeks, without hearing from a friend or loved one. Now it’s seen as an inconvenience if someone doesn’t text you back within a few hours.

3. Increase in Work Productivity

You’ve likely answered a work email outside of business hours or made a work-related phone call on a weekend. Mobile apps have made it possible to be plugged into work at all times. This is great for productivity, but maybe not so great for your social life. Because of the ability to constantly be ‘plugged in’, many people are working longer hours than ever before. However, if you travel a lot for business, being able to access work from your phone is a godsend. Just remember — it’s all about balance!

4. Simplify Daily Tasks

Daily tasks that you normally wouldn’t think much of have become increasingly easier and more convenient with the birth of certain mobile apps. Things like buying movie tickets, getting groceries, refilling a prescription and depositing checks have become more convenient thanks to mobile apps. These apps have eliminated the need to physically go to the store or the bank, instead of making it possible to accomplish tasks while on the go with only your phone and your fingertips. This is a huge time saver, therefore making life in general easier. We spend so much time at work, running errands and doing chores that any little thing we can do to help save us some time is hugely impactful. Mobile apps have made it possible to do so much more with the push of a button than we ever imagined. Love it or hate it, the world has definitely changed because of mobile apps and I can only imagine the ways apps will continue to change our lives and shape the future.

Cvent Guest

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