July 20, 2023
By Hope Salvatori

To set your brand apart, you need to create a stellar social media plan that not only engages attendees but also gets your brand noticed. After all, promotion on social media is far from over once your attendees walk onto the event floor. Find out how to create a rock-solid social media strategy for events that lets you harness the full power of digital, from start to finish.

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Social Media Event Strategy

A lot goes into creating a robust social media event strategy. From deciding which platform to choose and which hashtags to use to setting SMART goals and creating content, your strategy will dictate what and how your event-related information is disbursed on social media channels.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s divide the social media event strategy into before, during, and after the event steps to show you how to create a killer digital experience for your guests.

Before the Event

The key to an effective social media strategy is to prioritize reach, connection, and anticipation for the event. Here are some ways you can achieve all three:

Identify your target audience

You don’t want your efforts to be too broad. Take advantage of the demographics of your target audience to get insights into where you should concentrate your efforts.

Select the ideal social channel

To identify the right social media channel, look at your company’s previous engagement performance on all the platforms so that you can make an informed decision.

Use hashtags

A social media plan for events should include a #memorablehashtag consistent with the event’s branding. Use this hashtag on all your social media updates, sponsors’ websites, online newsletters, and email signatures.

Engage influencers

Reach out to influencers relevant to your target audience. Explain why you are reaching out, give details about your event, and describe what you want from them. If your industry influencers shut the door on you, don’t worry. All’s not lost. Reach out to your event speakers or guests to spread the word about your event.

Ensure consistency

For a strong brand recall value, prioritize consistency across your social media presence, ensuring all the posts have the same colors, logos, and tone.

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Post regularly

If you post too often, people will tune you out. Don't send a barrage of messages every day. Instead, create content that will pique the interest of your followers.

Create teaser posts

If you want to excite your followers, include teaser posts for events in your social media strategy. For inspiration, you may want to look at how Marvel promotes Avengers on social media. For a Marvel fan, seeing a well-designed image with the Avengers logo and a date far away in the future is enough to generate real excitement.

Create a Facebook Event

500 million people each month use Facebook Events as part of their social media strategy. Facebook Events has great features, including ticket sales and discussions. But with over 47 million public Facebook events created, you need to remember a few points to stand out from the crowd.

When building your next Facebook Event, follow these best practices:

  • Select a cover picture with at least a 1920×1080 dimension
  • Be specific and upfront about the time, location, and category so that Facebook can better promote your event
  • Create a compelling event description
  • If you're selling tickets, make sure your ticketing link stands out
  • Include all the event-related information your attendees will need
  • Tag invited speakers and guests
  • Regularly post announcements or answers to questions that your guests may have asked.

During the Event

Amplify networking among your attendees and hosts using these social media strategies during the event.

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Identify live streaming opportunities

Live streaming is increasingly becoming popular on Facebook and YouTube. Use this to your advantage by incorporating it during your next event. You can use live streaming for a keynote speech or other opportunities like interviews.

Promote Your Hashtag

Make your hashtag visible in public spaces so that people will use it when sharing your event content on social media. Some places to post your hashtags are photo booths, printed materials, and photo-worthy locations.

Use Video on Social Media 

Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Threads...the list goes on. It's very easy to create videos you can share instantly with your audience at your events. This will boost engagement and encourage people to post live pictures, texts, reactions, and videos of their own with your dedicated hashtag. Display these posts on your social channels to turn your audience into active participants.

After the Event

Create videos

More video! Post-event videos with interesting content to drive further engagement. To ensure your social media plan for events is successful, ask your attendees to share event videos and reward those that do. Be innovative when thinking about what content to post and what prizes to gift.

Ask For Testimonials

As part of your social media strategy for events, use an online survey tool to get a pulse check of your event’s performance. Send these surveys directly to your attendees’ devices and send a targeted, friendly reminder on social media. Make sure to ask some open-ended questions that can be used in testimonials

Feature Event Testimonials

Find testimonials of your attendees from Instagram captions, tweets, and Facebook ruminations and use them for advertising your next event. If you don’t plan to hold an event soon, use the posts on your feeds and tag the attendees in your post. People who post great stuff about your event on social media provide an incredibly valuable opportunity for engagement and even referral marketing!


Your In-person events provide myriad opportunities for generating valuable content that you can use on your social media platforms that will engage your attendees, create a sense of community, and extend the life of your event. 


Hope Swedeen

Hope Salvatori

Hope is a Senior Content Marketing Associate who has been with Cvent for more than two years. She has 8 years of experience producing content for corporations, small businesses, associations, nonprofits, and universities. As a content professional, she has created content for a wide range of industries, including meetings and events, government and defense, education, health, and more.

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