August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Delightful event experiences are all in the details. But details take time and focus and that’s not always something event planners have a lot of. On the CrowdCompass technical team, our goal is to make it easier for event planners to incorporate those delightful details into your event. One way we’ve identified is to help planners make sure their app looks amazing and has branded, visually-appealing graphics without a ton of extra work. That’s how we came up with our newest update: Icons for Schedule.

The schedule will always be one of the most popular sections of your app. Now you can make sure it stands out to your attendees (and complements your brand) by easily creating custom icons for the schedule.

4 Key Benefits of Icons for Schedule:

  1. Improved attendee experience. Ensure your attendees have a streamlined event app experience by coordinating your icon graphics. Session View icon images that appear in the Sessions Details page are now the same in the Schedule and My Schedule. This makes for a more consistent user experience for your attendees because they’ll be viewing the same icons wherever they are in the app.
  2. Easy to find. Now just called “Session Icon” in the Edit Sessions section of the EventCenter, we have made sure the name of this updated feature is reflective of how it now functions. Less time searching for what you’re looking for = more time planning your event.
  3. Simple to change and customize. It’s as easy as choosing an image from the Icon pack of the theme you are using for your event.  Not only can you use the CrowdCompass icons, but you can also upload your own custom images.
  4. More eyeballs on the schedule. Lead more attendees to your event app’s personalized schedule functions by making sure the schedule is easy to find and easy to identify.

For custom images, the best in-app resolution for images should be about 300 by 300 pixels. For rectangular images, we recommend portrait view over landscape.

This new feature post is written by Jeff Katz. Jeff is a Senior Product Manager at CrowdCompass.

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