November 19, 2020
By Cvent Guest

We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new that launched last month.

Recently Released

Session Attendance Documentation

Conference Documents can now be created to include an Attendee’s entire Session Attendance history or to include only specific session attendance.

  • When to use:  Ideal for documenting special Sessions where attendance offer credits, points, or some other form of certification tracking metric.
  • Who would use:  Event Planners, Content Managers, Marketing Managers, Attendees, Attendee Organizations


Committee and Independent Session File Review

The Session File Review feature has been updated to support a broader set of use cases, allowing Planners to specify who from the session or event team is needed to review file uploads from Presenters. Both committee and independent reviews are now fully supported.

  • When to useWhen a committee of team members need to review a Session File Upload and dictate if the entire committee’s approval is required or if committee member reviews should be independent from one another.
  • Who would use:  Event Planners, Content Managers, Marketing Managers, Legal 



Public Cancelation of All Registration Objects

Attendee Self-Cancelation has been updated to support more complex business rules, so that Event Planners can configure which registration objects are canceled and those that must persist on the Attendee Record.

  • When to use:  Planners should leverage this feature when it’s necessary to have Registration Codes, Session Enrollments, and/or Hotel Reservations removed from the Attendee Record when they cancel their event registration and desire to reduce calls to support.
  • Who would use:  Event Planners, Registration Managers, Hotel Managers, Marketing Managers, Content Managers, Sponsor/Exhibitor Managers



Enhanced Salesforce Integration

The Conference Salesforce Integration has been enhanced to share “Campaign Member,” “Promo Code,” and “Contact” information between the systems

  • When to use:  When using the Salesforce Integration.
  • Who would use:  Event Planners, Marketing Managers


New Group Registration Workflow

The Group Registration feature has been updated to offer an improved experience for Group Leaders who are managing large volumes of Registrants and keeps the management of the Group Members separate and independent from the Group Leader’s own registration.

  • When to use:  Whenever a Proxy is managing a group of Attendees registrations.
  • Who would use:  Event Planners, Registration Managers, Marketing Managers


What’s upcoming?

Here are a few items our development team is working on that will be launching soon.

  • The Cvent Integration Hub will soon be available for Conference
  • Advanced reporting with Domo
  • Login page unification and redesign with improved SSO support


For questions or more details, please contact Nick Hancock, Product Manager at [email protected]; or Joe Meehan, Client Delivery Director at [email protected].



This post was authored Nick Hancock, Product Manager for Cvent Conference. When he isn’t at work you can find him riding trails on his mountain bike, golfing, or thinking about how to make event planners lives easier.

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