October 04, 2023
By Madison Howard

There are names for everything. Often, there are more synonyms than necessary for one thing. When it comes to job titles, it can be hard to figure out what each means. In the world of event planning, that’s incredibly true. There are many names for event planners. Event planning fits under different titles, some of which you would expect and some you might not. So what are some of the different options?

Different Names for Event Planners

Administrative Assistant

This position may be responsible for planning minor events or office functions but isn't planning large scale events. Most of their duties revolve around managing and distributing information within an office. Typically, their main responsibility ranges significantly depending on industry and supervisor but generally includes answering phones and scheduling meetings.

Event Coordinator

This is the first true position focused on events. Generally, this position is a lower level one and involves coordinating all aspects of professional meetings and events. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details.

Event Planner

This position ensures that everything related to an event is taken care of, from idea conception to programming and day-of logistics. They're responsible for more aspects of the event and events are their job.

Event Manager

The event manager manages staff responsible for event coordination activities. Coordinate details of events such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events, and virtual events.

Event Technologist

An event technologist’s technical expertise allows them to make sense of different, ever-changing functions across the event technology stack, and then communicate them clearly to stakeholders in other parts of the organization. As part of the planning team, event technologists deeply understand the event goals and can, therefore, therefore find the best possible tech solutions to meet them.

Director of Events

Directs and oversees the planning of meetings and special events for an organization. This is a top position in the field and held by those that have years of experience.


Looking at these different titles, it's important to remember one thing - events are everywhere. Every industry and every type of company benefits from planning events. Really, it's unlikely that a company won't need an event planned at some point in time. Whether that event is internal or external, small or large, may differ, but they all have to be planned by someone using event technology.

Of course, there's no consistency in the business world. In one company, an event planner might plan teambuilding events in every office while at a different company, an event planner pulls together creative product launch events. If you're interested in working in the events industry, keep an eye out for the titles listed above.

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Madison Howard

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