August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

The Activity Feed is like the heartbeat of the app – it’s where your attendees go to find out what’s happening, what their peers are thinking, and share their experience of the event. It offers attendees three streams of content – an inclusive look at all event activity, a personalized feed based on the attendee’s interactions within the app, and notifications to make sure attendees don’t miss out on anything.

What is this new feature?

The Activity Feed is now accessible via its own icon among the launch items.

How does it help planners?

The personalized Activity Feed is the cornerstone of your CrowdCompass app, and it’s important that attendees can find it quickly and easily. We took feedback from planners about how their attendees experienced the Activity Feed, and they asked for a way to access it more directly. Now, planners have two options– keeping it as a launch icon (the new default setting) or moving it back to My Items.

Pro tip: If the Activity Feed is inadvertently deleted from the launch items, or if planners want to add it manually, a custom launch icon using nx://eventCompass will do the trick.

How does it benefit attendees?

We hear from planners every day that the Activity Feed is an attendee favorite. This update ensures smooth navigation to the Activity Feed, leading to more event engagement.

How is it implemented?

It already is! The Activity Feed will now be a launch icon as the default setting. If you delete it from launch items, it will revert to its former position in My Items. Don’t worry – wherever it’s located, the Activity Feed will still offer notifications to help attendees stay on track.

When it’s located as a launch icon, the notifications appear as a badge on the upper right of the icon. This draws more attention to the Activity Feed and helps ensure your attendees get every chance to interact with their peers.

The main purpose of a mobile event app is engagement. It’s a tool to help your attendees engage with your event and with each other. The Activity Feed has always been a key part of that – a digital community forum for building connections. And with this update, it’s so much easier to access. Enjoy more face time with your attendees and let your technology do the work. Sounds good, right?

This new feature post is written by Kerry Haider. Kerry is a Senior Product Manager who loves making sure your app has the coolest new features!

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