August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
Push notifications via your mobile app are a great way to gain instant access to your attendees. As far as numbers go, 68% of users have enabled push notifications for their apps (the numbers are even better for those 18-34 years old at nearly 80%). And at least 70% of consumers reported that all types of push notifications add value to their app experience. Here are some tips to help you get the attendee engagement you need.

Make the push notification timely

When determining exactly when to send the push notification, remember you are trying to create a sense of urgency, so make sure the info is relevant in the here and now (such as a lecture starting or registration opening for the conference). Send it too early and your attendee may forget all about it! If you have the option to have the push notification stay on the screen for a period of time until tapped, make sure to use it. You never know if any attendee might be away from his or her phone for a brief moment.

Make the push notification personal

 How are you targeting your push notifications? You can use several points of data, such as the attendees' interests, registered lectures, even job titles. Push notifications are quite powerful and do get read, so be sure to make the push notification something that creates genuine engagement.

Make the push notification relevant

This is where location targeting easily comes into play. Attendees who receive a push notification on a lecture starting are more apt to go into the lecture hall if they are in close proximity to it. You can think of this as "tapping the attendee on the digital shoulder." What info would you give him or her if you could speak to them in person?

Make the push notification content strong

 If your push notification is about lecture starting, are you providing the room number and title of the lecture? You do not need to provide a ton of details, but you do need to provide something so the call to action is easily adopted. And if the content is strong, you will need fewer notifications. Sending notifications too frequently can easily turn off your attendee. Keep these tips in mind and get the most out of your mobile push notification. Written by Lisa Apolinski

Cvent Guest

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