August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
The #1 thing we hear from event planners is that they want more attendees to download and use the mobile app at their event. But they don’t know how to create an app adoption strategy that will work for their event or audience. In a recent webinar, we heard from our in-house mobile experts as well as a successful event planner on when and how to promote your mobile app as an integrated part of your event marketing strategy. Here is an extended Q&A with our experts:

What is the typical or recommended schedule for promoting and launching an event app?

Every group is different, so there isn’t a set schedule for when to promote or launch your event app. At CrowdCompass, you can work with your Project Coordinator and Account Manager to come up with a tailored promotion plan that best fits your organization. Some organizations start communicating the app info months in advance, and others like to only promote during the week leading up to the event.

Is there a generic template available for the app marketing plan?

Yes, we have a marketing checklist that shows you how to plan your app marketing strategy and timeline. It’s on pages 27 – 29 of our Mobile App Marketing Playbook.

How should I provide information to the attendees who didn’t download the app?

Some organizations provide a 1-2 page guide that lists the session times and locations. Others print a few programs but charge for them. The key is to keep it limited so it drives more attendees to download the app.

How can we use our event app to engage membership year-round?

We create a different event every year and usually don't use the app until just before the event. Can we use the app from the prior year to promote the new event? Because we keep all of your events in one app, you can use the previous event to promote the upcoming one. You can send a push notification from the “old” event for attendees to download the “new” version. If it’s not ready for download, you can tease them with a push notification such as: “Our 2016 app will be ready in July!”

When an attendee updates his or her profile, how can I track the update and download their new information?

With the integration in Cvent, the CrowdCompass app can sync the updated contact info directly into the attendee’s Cvent record, ensuring you have the most accurate contact info.

How do you teach attendees how to access the available features (maps, polls, etc)?

We have seen a lot of successful methods, but the most popular method is the use of custom tutorial videos. These can be created during the app build process so you can post it in the app, on the event website, YouTube channel, or as part of a presentation about the event.

How can I see who has downloaded my app?

Apple and Google don’t release information about who specifically downloaded the app. However, the aggregated numbers are available and can give you a lot of insight into adoption rates and popularity.

What are the best metrics to use when evaluating attendee app usage?

We recommend looking at User Contributions, Minutes Open, Session/Speaker/Attendee Engagement, as well as Sponsor Views. These metrics will show you actions taken, how much time attendees spent in the app, and which sections of the app are most popular.

Any tips on how to engage and train staff to become experts?

CrowdCompass offers an Onsite Preparedness class that will do exactly that. This class helps you train your teams so they’re comfortable with the app and familiar with its features. We will also help you answer FAQs and prepare for onsite troubleshooting.

Is strong wireless connectivity required for the interactive map functionality?

No. Once the app is downloaded on the device, maps can be accessed with or without an internet connection.

Is there a way to simplify confirmation numbers for logging into the app?

With our new login, your customers will no longer be required to know their codes, but can simply request them via email and then gain access by following the steps provided. If the attendee clicks on the link sent from the email, the code and their information will prepopulate in the app, and they only have to confirm the information. If they missed the invitation emails, a new code can be requested via email by selecting the “Forgot Code” option on the login screen. Written by Sara Floss.

Cvent Guest

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