August 27, 2019
By Anderson Conte

As the leading source of registration and meeting supplies, we know a thing or two about name tags, as well as how to make event check-in and ultimately your meeting the best it can be. Our founder, a certified meeting planner, experienced first-hand all the challenges of event registration.

In 1985, pc/nametag® founder began developing innovative products to make the meeting planner’s job easier. Today, even with all the conveniences of event technology, an event coordinator is #5 on the list of most stressful jobs of 2016, according to So removing the last-minute minutiae of registration from the planner’s plate continues to be pc/nametag’s goal.

Our founder’s passion for details morphed into an event expertise that makes our nuanced business stand out from competitors. At the heart of it all, is our team of Meeting Specialists who are here to help in any way possible – from answering your questions, to placing orders, to even calling customers to remind them of upcoming events.

That expertise extends beyond our Specialists and permeates every division of our company, including our product department. Jayne Martinson, Product Development and Merchandising Manager, is responsible for everything from trend identification and product ideation to manufacturing and sourcing. With her 14-year tenure, she’s been dubbed “historian,” since she possesses a lot of tribal knowledge and industry expertise.

“pc/nametag is not solely a distributorship like many of our competitors. We like to invent stuff,” says Jayne.

One proprietary product she inspired was the Oneway Plus™ Name Tag Case, which organizes and secures 4” x 3” name tags in a sleek black tray for a professional-looking registration table. Fill the cases with name tags at the office, slip them into the included re-shipper box and send them off to your meeting venue. It’s the perfect example of a last-minute detail or important subtlety that the meeting planner may not even have thought of, but we provide.

“The Oneway not only solved a shipping problem, but also became a name tag display solution once you take the top off,” she explains.

Our Oneway family of cases continues to evolve with new variations launching in January 2017.

Jayne is also proud to call herself “certified name tag geek,” a title held in high esteem among “taggers,” what we refer to ourselves around the office.

“To me, being a certified name tag geek is all about passion. I think in any industry, you are engaged and do your best work when you are passionate about your company, your products, and your customer,” explains Jayne.

You might’ve never really paid attention to the significance of “Hello, my name is…” (If you have, stand proud – you’re on your way to becoming a certified name tag geek!) But your name, title, hometown – or any other particulars are the key to making instant connections. And, newly created contacts and reinforced relationships are a big part of what make meetings a success. All thanks to a name tag.

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