August 20, 2019
By Madison Layman

Your event is almost here, the question is, are you ready with a social media plan? Like all things, social media is better executed when there’s a clear plan to follow. Your event will be crazy. You’ll end up running all over the place and getting pulled every which way. But, the event is the perfect time for promotion. That’s why, in order to succeed, you have to create a plan before the event starts. Ideally, you’ve had a promotion plan in place from before your event website launched. Your social media plan during your event will follow in line with this plan but will also capitalize on spontaneity. Here are a few tips on how to do social media during your event.

master social media t your events

Start with the Run of Show

What is happening at your event? The run of show will have it all. If you aren’t as involved in planning, then this will be your ultimate guide. You’ll know when speakers are onstage when announcements are being made, when food is served, and more. The run of show outlines the entire event down to the minute. Highlight key events. These could be a keynote, an interactive session, a networking event – anything that could potentially provide a great photo opportunity.

Create a Shot List

From your highlighted list, make a list of must-have shots. The best way to get great onsite shots is to have a photographer – but not all event budgets will be able to afford one. If you do have a photographer, give them your shot list and make a plan to connect and get the pictures. For posts you know you want to push live in real-time, consider taking them yourself, as you’ll control your access. If you have a small team or it’s just you, make a tiered list. Create your must-have shot list and your second and third levels in the chance you have more time to move around than expected.

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

If there are posts you can schedule ahead of time, do it. It will lessen the amount of work you have to do on site. If you need to post about sponsors, notifications or thank you’s, think about doing them before the event. It takes longer

Create a List of Key Hashtags

For Instagram, to make things move more quickly onsite, have a list of hashtags ready to go before the event. You’ll be able to copy and paste them quickly without wasting time figuring out what is or isn’t popular. Make a few different groupings based on the purpose of your event, event planning, and different topics that will be discussed.

Create a Plan for Each Day

If your event is multi-day create a clear plan for each day. Built into your other tasks for the day, set aside time to take photos and post. Whether you’re tweeting, posting on Facebook or Instagram, or creating an amazing Insta-story, build out what you intend to do in your schedule. You might not be able to do all the posts you wanted to, but the schedule will keep you focused.

Allow Time for Flexibility

You have posts you’ve scheduled before the event and shots you plan to get, but what about those magical unplanned moments? Your schedule was created so that you know what you need to get. But in between those outlined times, be open to what’s happening on site. If you see something that looks inspiring or you catch a great quote during a talk, post about it or schedule one for later.

Retweet and Repost

Don’t forget to pay attention to your mentions. The best part of the event is attendee participation and engagement. Make sure that their efforts aren’t going unrewarded! Use great posts on your own feed. You don’t have to be everywhere at all times. Your attendees will capture what’s happening, even if you don’t. Crowdsource your content. You could even create a contest and offer a prize for the best attendee posts.

Social Media During Your Event is Easy…

When you make a plan. Take the time before the event to understand what you hope to get out of posting and what you need to post. This will focus you and allow you to accomplish more onsite.

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Madison Layman

Madison Layman

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