August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Destinations throughout the world thrive on a combination of both individual consumers and group/event business. Finding the right mix of business is key, but even more important is knowing the differences in how to market to those two audiences.

These two segments are colliding now, into what is affectionately known as “bleisure” travel.

The leisure traveler typically spends their own money on travel, and seeks pricing that will include as many amenities as possible: breakfast, parking, attraction tickets, flights, and more. Vacation packages and suggested itineraries are a paramount, providing both value and guidance on how to navigate a city for vacation. They are out all day enjoying the sights, and seek savings over several days’ time (think: multi-day tickets to attractions). The printed and digital maps and guides for the area will also be translated into multiple languages to reflect the ever-growing international presence to US cities.

Event marketing, on the other hand, focuses far more on the attendee experience during the after-hours of a meeting or event. Typically, this is evening dining and entertainment that is unique and experiential to help complement the time they’re spending inside a convention center or hotel walls. Their travel is primarily funded by their employer, and the radius in which they’ll travel is more limited to the geography just around where the meeting is held. They want entertainment that will pack a punch in the small time they have on their own. Often times, the city in which an event is held will dictate the interest levels in attendee registration. Venues and activities that promote networking are also a plus, as they’ll be more enticed to attend when their business relationships have more chances to flourish.

These two segments are colliding now, into what is affectionately known as “bleisure” travel. When business meets leisure, event attendees are either staying extra days to enjoy a destination on their own, or bringing their families with them who can enjoy the daytime action while they’re attending their event. More than ever, travelers are looking to destinations to provide a roadmap for a successful trip, regardless of what brings them there. They want to do the most unique and exciting things that are worthy of social media, which will help inspire future travelers to the destination!


Written by Jessica Rienecker, CTA, CTP, CMM, HMCC.

All information provided by Visit Anaheim.

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