June 20, 2019
By Hannah Prince

Hotels and venues may be always preparing for the next generation of meetings and events, but they also have to make sure to cater to every generation of planner. There can be a lot of variation in the processes and preferences of different planner generations. The first step is to give your team the right technology to operate efficiently and offer personalized services. This is key to reaching each generation where they are searching for and booking venues. And while everyone knows that younger planners in Generations Y and Z are very technology-savvy, the older Gen Xers are catching up fast. In fact, according to Cvent’s 2018 Gen X/Gen Y Report, Gen X planners are now leading the way in using mobile phones and tablets to start their sourcing process. It’s also important to offer a wide range of event features and experiences so you can easily promote what matters most to the planner generations. Gen X planners (and attendees!) might want more luxurious amenities, while Gen Y (aka millennial) customers often put a larger focus on unique, local activities.

Learn More About Working With All the Planner Generations

Watch this video to how your hotel or venue can better align its strategies with planners of different ages.

More Tips for Building Your Group Business

From personalization to cybersecurity, hospitality professionals are facing a lot of changing expectations in 2019. For more ways to improve your group experiences, download Cvent’s Eight Great Best Practice Tips and Trends here.

Hannah Prince

Hannah Prince

Hannah joined Cvent as the Senior Editor for Hospitality Cloud content after more than a decade in the journalism world. As a passionate editor, she's always willing to discuss the merits of the Oxford comma, the use of who vs. whom, or the definition of a dangling modifier.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking her dog to happy hour, and buying even more shoes.

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