August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

As an industry leader in the meeting and event software space, Cvent has over 300,000 users worldwide — and that's before you count the event planners under our own roof. Events are at the center of everything we do; our team is built on the idea that face-to-face interaction creates meaningful connections. Our team, led by Rachel Andrews (Director of Meetings and Events) and Vipul Maini (Manager of Meetings and Events), managed 662 in-person events in 2016, one of them being Cvent CONNECT.

During the lead up to Cvent CONNECT 2016, the team had to dedicate half of an employee's full-time workload (approximately 1,000 hours of work) to the room block management process through manual uploads. Every week or two, they sent a list to the hotel, but the block wasn't confirmed and closed until two weeks out from the event, which is already crunch time. They also had to manually add all billing details, delaying official confirmation for the guests (and leaving the hotel without enough time to do upsell marketing). Overall, the event management process was slow and bogged down with lots of manual changes and an inability to quickly and easily access data about the event and bookings.

That is, until they started using Cvent Passkey. We've always been a fan of “drinking our own champagne," and for Cvent CONNECT 2017, our planners did just that by implementing Cvent Passkey. After using it for the 2017 event, they reduced the hours needed to manage the event by over 50%, gained access to real-time, actionable data that lets the team be more agile and strategic, and created a smoother experience for attendees and the planning team when leading up to the event.

Want to find out how exactly Cvent Passkey helped them get these results?

Read the full case study here.

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