September 17, 2020
By Megan Boley

Naming your wedding venue is a key part of launching your business. Your name is who you are. It determines your branding, how you’re perceived by prospective couples, and if your business is memorable or not. It also affects the kinds of couples you’ll attract, and what will come to mind when they think of your venue. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to develop wedding venue name ideas that resonate — and how to choose which one is right for you.

Discover 5 simple ways to come up with wedding venue name ideas:

1. Brainstorm.

Start off your adventure by getting all of your wedding venue name ideas out and compiling them in one place. Use a name generator to get the ball rolling. Name generators aren’t perfect, but they are useful tools when you don’t know where to start. Maybe a word will stick out to you and help you bounce off of that and into a name for your venue.

Word clouds are another useful brainstorming tool. You paste text into a word cloud program, and the site creates a graphic using those words. The more times a word appears in the text, the larger it appears in the picture. Use the same information you'd use in your venue's “About Us” page or bio text. This can help you to determine the words you use most to describe your venue, which can narrow down possibilities.

Or, you can go the route of a classic brainstorm. Write a list of words associated with your brand and words that evoke the emotion you want your clients to feel. Parse through the list and choose your favorites, and use them as a springboard to develop some options for your venue name.

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2. Think short, catchy, and descriptive.

When coming up with your list of wedding venue name ideas, make sure the options convey what you do and what you are. Don’t be too vague or make couples guess what your business is. Even better if you can use a descriptive word or two in your name to paint a picture. Don’t go overboard, though, or try to cram words into the name. It’s not necessary, and it likely won’t be memorable. Stay away from cliches and go for something striking and easy to remember.

Using alliteration is a good way to create a name that sticks. Misty Meadows, Lakeside Lodge, or Faraway Farms, for example. Make it easy to spell and pronounce, and make sure it differentiates you from the competition. If your proposed name is “Spring Gardens” but your competitor’s name is “Spring Meadows,” that’s too similar. Go for something completely different that makes you stand out more. Consider, too, how the name will appear on your website, in your logo, and in any collateral. It’s to your benefit to choose something short.

Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club, for example, is a great name for a wedding venue. It’s descriptive – “Heritage Hunt” calls to mind vintage, Colonial-style mansions and décor, which is exactly what it has to offer. The name is also catchy and memorable, due in part to the alliteration. O’ahu Wedding Villa is another good example. From the name alone, couples can tell its location (O’ahu), the service it offers (weddings), and the style of the venue (villa).

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3. Take a look at your competition.

After you’ve narrowed down the list of words to describe your brand and strung together some potential names, you’ll then want to see how they stack up against your competition. Analyze the names of other successful wedding venues and see why their names work for them. This will also help you rule out names that are already taken or too close to the names you’re considering. See if you can determine a trend in how these other venues are named. If so, try to stay away from those common naming conventions so your venue will stand out.

As an example, The Mountain Terrace works because it’s easy to remember, and it describes what couples can expect to see at the venue. Since it’s short, it fits well into their logo and website. It’s also a unique name, so it sets the venue apart from its competitors. Castle Farms is another great example of a name that stands out. It’s not often you can find a castle-style estate located on a farm. The name highlights the property’s unique setting and makes it easy to picture what the venue is like.

4. Take SEO into consideration.

Taking SEO into consideration when coming up with wedding venue name ideas is a must. If your venue doesn’t show up in a Google search, you’ll have a hard time attracting customers.

Doing some quick SEO keyword research can help you narrow down a name, or particular words, to include. It will also help determine what other venue names are out there and how crowded the field is. Using tools like Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner, you can see the popularity of whatever search term you enter and see what’s trending with different audiences.

By making your venue name SEO-friendly, you’ll assure that your venue matches the search intent of the couples you want to reach, and it will help you to select a name that won’t drown in a field of similar names.

For example, Key Largo Lighthouse is a good name, not only because it's specific and descriptive, but because it will perform well in search. Couples looking for venues in the Florida Keys near a lighthouse will easily find this venue and will be able to tell right away that it's likely a good fit.

5. Consider wedding venue name ideas that appeal to the types of couples you want to attract.

If you want to attract high-end clients who want a luxury-style city wedding, you probably don’t want to name your venue something like “Rustic Ranch.” But if your ideal clientele is couples who are looking for a charming, whimsical, country-themed wedding, that could work. It all depends on what you want your brand to convey and what kind of venue you are.

Top of the Town’s venue name works because it’s descriptive, catchy, and attracts the attention of the kinds of couples the venue caters to. As a “premier event space” with an “unrivaled view of the Nation’s Capital,” this penthouse with sparkling chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows offers an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication for an upscale wedding – and its name conveys that personality.

You have your list of wedding venue name ideas. Now what?

Once you’ve fine-tuned your list of names and you’re ready to choose the winner, run your options by your potential customers. Do surveys with the kinds of couples you want to attract and see which of your wedding venue name ideas appeals to them the most. Ask them what comes to mind when they hear your venue name, and see if it matches the vision you have for your brand.

Also, before getting your heart set on a name, do some research and make sure it isn’t already taken. Look up businesses, trademarks, and domains in your area to see what’s already in use. Once you find the perfect name and assure it’s available, trademark it and register it with your state authority. Also, make sure you choose a domain name for your website that's available.

Put these tips on how to come up with wedding venue name ideas to good use!

The name of your wedding venue will determine the future of your business. It will affect everything from the types of couples you’ll attract to your wedding venue marketing collateral and branding. For more tips on opening a wedding venue, check out our guides on how to start a wedding venue business and how to create a wedding venue business plan.

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