August 20, 2019
By Tristen Asrejadid

The Cvent Tech team is continuously working hard to deliver the latest updates and enhancements for New Standard Registration (Flex). This past quarter we had a big release wave - read below to ensure you're up-to-date with the latest! We don't want you to miss a beat.

Widget Accessibility Improvements

We've made a few improvements to the drag-and-drop widgets you've grown to love! Check out the three big changes below:

  • Duplicate a widget on the same page with all the configurations
  • Move a widget to same or different registration paths (depending upon widget).
  • Duplicate and move in a single action to same or different registration paths (depending upon widget).

Better Tracking Within Your Events

We've recently had two big Flex releases to help you better track and report within your events: Code Snippets and Abandoned Registrations.

Want to collect better web traffic and conversion tracking data? The Code Snippets feature allows you to add a trigger-based code snippet to your event, and that will be applied across all Website & Registration pages. This triggers the code snippet whenever a registrant navigates to a new page on any type of event page. When standard data is just not enough, consider this functionality.

Having the ability to view and manage Abandoned Registrations allows you to catch that audience you may have missed otherwise. These abandoned registrants can now be added to the event or address book, registered by planners, emailed, or removed. These functionalities can be used to help push invitees to complete registration and find areas of friction within the registration process.

Speakers Page Enhancements

A few updates have been made to the Speakers Page within your event - pagination and search. If your Speaker List page is getting long, you can now choose how many speakers to display per page instead of displaying the entire list at all times. Also on the Speaker List page, you can now use the search bar to more easily narrow down speakers by name, title, company, or email address. We've all seen overwhelming speakers pages - now you can take the reigns and make yours as organized and digestible as possible.

Guest and Group Registration Updates

For those times your attendees have a person or two to bring along, the Guest Registration feature comes in handy. The limit has just been increased to 10 guests per registrant, to ensure there's plenty of room for everyone. Additionally, for Group Registration, the "Add Group Member" button is now hidden in registration modification. This makes it clear that this action is not meant to be taken during registration modification, and is only available on the confirmation page.

Room Block Management Made Easier

Do you use Shoulder Dates during your room reservation process? This feature is great for those times you know your registrants will need to request rooms before or after the block date range. A few weeks ago we released Shoulder Date Approval, giving you the ability to fully manage the shoulder dates for a hotel request. Your invitees will learn the shoulder dates once they pick their check-in and check-out date.

Another big Flex release - you can now configure Passkey Integration within a Flex event! Passkey makes it easy to manage your room blocks and streamlines the communication process with venues. It bridges the gap between registration and your room block, so you can sleep easy knowing that your attendees will, too.

And still, there's more!

We're not done yet. Here are three more recent releases to keep in mind when configuring your next Flex event.

  • Process Forms: You can now automate the processes around your events by using Process Forms in Flex. These forms aren't used to request meetings, but rather to automate processes that are part of meetings.
  • Follow Bar: You can now let invitees follow your organization's social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Encourage your invitees to like your page, follow your tweets, or subscribe to your channel.
  • Privacy Policy: You can now add your privacy policy URL to the site designer, with up to 200 characters.


We've made it easier than ever for you and your team to stay on top of the latest Flex updates. Visit our Flex Feature Roadmap website to keep tabs on recent enhancements.


Tristen Asrejadid

Tristen is a current member of the Customer Marketing team but started her journey with Cvent in the Client Services department about three years ago. She is a Virginia Tech alum originally from northern New Jersey.

When she’s not in the office, you can find her training for her next half marathon or hopping on a plane to her next travel destination

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