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Last Updated: May 11, 2022

Feature Classic Flex *Current Limitations
Archived Page Yes Yes
Attendee Site SSO Yes Yes
Auto-Generate Theme from Logo**   Yes
Cookie Overlay Yes Yes
Copy Event Yes Yes
Create Event from Event Template Yes Yes
Create Event from Meeting Request Yes Yes
Create Event Themes Yes Yes
Custom Fonts   Yes
Custom Headers/Footers - Site-wide Yes Yes
Custom URL Yes Yes
Custom Weblink Generator Yes Yes
Custom Website Pages Yes Yes
Advanced Coding Mode (CSS) Yes Can use designer styling + Code Widget
Customize Website Dimensions   Yes
"Drag & Drop" Site Designer   Yes
Event Website Yes Yes
External Authentication Yes Yes
Google Analytics Yes Yes
Headers/Footers - Page-specific   Yes
Image Library Yes Yes
Mobile Responsiveness**   Yes
Move & Copy Widget   Yes
Multi-Language Events Yes Yes
Organization or Event Logo   Yes
Preview Mode Yes Yes
Privacy Policy Rules Yes Yes
Private/Custom Domain Yes Yes If you have not yet used your private domain for a Flex event, you'll need to re-submit the Private Domain Form.
Private/Custom Domain with Trailing Event Name Yes Yes If you have not yet used your private domain for a Flex event, you'll need to re-submit the Private Domain Form.
Publish to Event Calendar Yes Yes
Selectable Website Themes Yes Yes
SEO Configuration Yes Yes
Side Navigation Option Yes Retired***
System Text Customization Yes Yes
Test Mode Yes Yes
Undo/Redo**   Yes
Version History**   Yes
Weblink Reference ID Yes Yes
Webpage Grouping Yes Yes
Website Localization Yes Yes
Website Password Yes Yes
Site Content
Add to Calendar - Event Yes Yes
Add to Calendar - Session Yes Yes
Agenda Yes Yes
Attendee List Widget Yes Yes
Code Widget (custom HTML, CSS, Javascript)   Yes
Contact Planner Widget Yes Yes
Countdown Timer**   Yes
Create & Collect Fees Yes Yes
Custom Button Yes Yes
Custom Code Snippets Yes Yes
Custom Data Table Yes Planned for 2022
Data Tags - Website Yes Yes
Image Slideshow**   Yes
Map - Driving Directions Yes Can use Google Maps from Map widget
Map - Location Map Widget Yes Yes
Register Button Widget Yes Yes
Social Media Feed Widget Yes Yes
Social Media Follow Yes Yes
Social Media Share Yes Yes
Speakers Yes Yes Max 500 Speakers per event
Staff Widget Yes Yes
Video Widget   Yes
Weather Yes Retired***
2-Column Form Layout**   Yes
Abandoned Registration Remarketing Yes Yes
Administrator Registration Yes Yes
Admission Items Yes Yes Limit Guests by Admission Item Planned for 2022
Admission Items - Auto-Open/Close Dates**   Yes
Admission Items - Capacity Yes Yes
Admission Items - Limit by Reg Type Yes Yes
Admission Items - Limit Guests by Admission Item Yes Planned for 2022
Attendee Self-Substitution Yes Yes
Automatically Add Registrants to Contact Group Yes Yes
Configurable Registration Workflow**   Yes
Contact Fields - Custom Yes Yes
Contact Fields - Standard Yes Yes
Contact Snapshot Yes Yes
Custom Answer Formats Yes Yes
Custom Fields Advanced Logic Yes Yes
Custom Identity Logic Yes Yes Max 100 conditions, max 5 criteria per condition
Display Taxes Throughout Registration Yes Planned for Q2 2022
Distribution List Sign Up Yes Retired***
Email this Page Yes Retired***
Event Prerequisites**   Yes Max 20 pre-requisites per event
Fees Yes Yes
Fees - 3D Secure Yes Yes
Fees - Account Level Discount Codes Yes Yes
Fees - Auto-Applied Discount Codes Yes Yes
Fees - Collect Credit Card Information for Later Processing Yes Yes
Fees - Cvent Payment Services Yes Yes
Fees - Discount Codes Yes Yes Max 2,600 discounts per event
Fees - Display Taxes at the End of Registration Yes Yes
Fees - Early-Bird Pricing Yes Yes
Fees - Fees by Registration Type Yes Yes
Fees - Invoicing Yes Yes
Fees - Offline Payment Methods Yes Yes
Fees - Online Payment - Direct Processors Yes Yes
Fees - Online Payment - Hosted Processors Yes Yes Post-registration submit payment support will be added in Q2 2022
Fees - Partial Payment Yes Yes
Fees - Payment Credits Yes Yes
Fees - Refund Policies Yes Yes
Fees - Service Fees Yes Yes
Fees - Post-Registration Submit Payment Yes Yes Hosted processor support will be added in Q2 2022
Fees - Tax Schedules (Tax by Location) Yes Yes Not yet available with hotel and air travel charges
Fees - Taxes Yes Yes Max 10 taxes per event
Fees - Volume Discounts Yes Yes
Formatting Text in Item Description Yes Yes
Blocklist Yes Planned for May 2022
Group Member Quantity Limits Yes Yes
Group Registration Yes Yes Max 100 group members per group
Guest Registration Yes Yes Max 10 guests per primary invitee
Guests - Add Guests From Related Contacts Yes Yes
Guests - Add Guests to Address Book Yes Yes
Guests - Can Select Quantity Only Yes Yes
Guests - Define Guest Minimum Yes Yes
Guests - Duplicate Prevention Yes Yes
Guests - Define Guest Maximum Yes Yes
Guests - Guest Questions Yes Yes
Guests - Must Provide Guest Info Yes Yes
Guests - Registration Types Yes Yes
Guests' Agendas Copied from Primary Attendee**   Yes
Instant Capacity Reservation**   Yes
Invitation Forwarding Yes Yes
Multiple Registration Paths Yes Yes Max 30 registration paths per event
My Registration Profile Yes Yes
Optional Items - Donation Items Yes Yes Max 60 donation items per event
Optional Items - Group Items Yes Retired***
Optional Items - Membership Items Yes Yes
Optional Items - Quantity Items Yes Yes Max 200 quantity items per event
Personal Link to Appointments Portal Yes Yes
Planner Backend Registration Yes Yes
Planner Modification Yes Yes
Pre-populate Registrant Data from Custom External Source Yes Yes
Pre-populate Registrant Data from Eloqua Yes Yes
Pre-populate Registrant Data from Marketo Yes Yes
Pre-populate Registrant Data from Salesforce Yes Yes
Print Badge (Confirmation page) Yes Planned for 2022
Profile Image Yes Yes
Progress Bar Yes Yes
Questions - Choice Questions Yes Yes 500 total questions
Questions - Consent Yes Yes
Questions - Date & Time Yes Yes
Questions - File-Upload Yes Yes
Questions - Link Logic Yes Planned for May 2022
Questions - Matrix Yes Planned for 2022
Questions - Product Questions Yes Yes
Questions - Question Library Yes Planned for 2022
Questions - Question Tags Yes Yes
Questions - Sub-Questions Yes Yes
Questions - Text Yes Yes
Questions - Visibility Logic Yes Yes
Register a Friend Yes Yes
Registration Approval Yes Yes
Registration Approval - Bulk Approval Yes Yes
Registration Type Auto-Open/Close**   Yes
Registration Type Capacity Yes Yes
Registration Types Yes Yes Max 40 registration types per event
Registration: Save Progress Yes Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Can use Event Calendars instead
Seating Assignment Yes Yes
Secure Contact Fields Yes Yes
Sessions Yes Yes Max 1500 Sessions
Sessions - Advanced Session Rules Yes Yes Max 20 session advanced rules per event
Sessions - Capacity Yes Yes
Sessions - Conflict Prevention Yes Yes
Sessions - Emails Yes Yes
Sessions - Grouping & Filtering Yes Yes
Sessions - Include Sessions with Admission Item Yes Yes
Sessions - Limit Sessions by Admission Item Yes Yes
Sessions - Locations Yes Yes
Sessions - Session Groups Yes Yes Max 30 session groups; Max 45 sessions per session group
Sessions - Waitlist Yes Yes
Sessions - Waitlist Automation Yes Yes
Terms & Conditions Yes Yes
Tracks (session bundles) Yes Yes
Voucher Codes Yes Yes Max 5,000 voucher codes per event; Voucher code email alerts not yet supported
Waitlist Automation Yes Yes
Travel Module
Air Actuals Form (Collect Registrant Flight Information) Yes Yes
Air Travel Requests Yes Yes Max 30 air requests per attendee
Air Travel Requests - Advanced Rules Yes Yes
Car Requests Yes Retired***
Group Flights (Pre-booked Flights) Yes Yes
Hotel Requests Yes Yes Max 30 hotels per event, max 50 room types per hotel, max 150 room types per event, max 10 rooms per hotel request, max 30 hotel requests per registration
Hotel Requests - Advanced Hotel Request Rules Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Apply Taxes to Hotel Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Automatic Refunds Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Billing Instructions Yes Yes
Hotel Request - Import Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Room Sub-Blocks Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Roommate Matching Yes Yes
Hotel Requests - Shoulder Date Approval Yes Yes
Hotel - Planner Fields Yes Yes
Travel Credit Card Form Yes Yes
Travel Questions Yes Yes
Travel Questions - Alternate Questions Yes Yes
Email Marketing
"Drag & Drop" Email Designer   Yes
Copy Email Theme From Website**   Yes
Data Tags - Email Yes Yes
Email Advanced Filters (Auto-Send Audience Targeting) Yes Yes
Email Click-Tracking Yes Yes
Header Shared Across Emails**   Yes
Mobile-Responsive Emails**   Yes
Multiple Invitation Lists (Audience Targeting) Yes Yes
Copy Invitation List Emails Yes Yes
Set Invitation List by Registration Type Yes Yes
Set Registration Type by Invitation List Yes Yes
Widget-Based Email Content**   Yes
Other Features
Booth Staff Registration Yes
Cancellation Form Yes Yes
Custom Data Tags Yes Yes
Data Tag Picker Yes Yes
Email/Planner Alerts Yes Yes
Event Waitlist Yes Yes
Feedback Survey Yes Yes
iMIS Integration Yes Yes
Integrate with Abstract Management Yes Yes
Kiosk Mode Yes Replaced by OnSite Solutions
LeadCapture Yes Yes
Networking Yes Replaced by Appointments
OnArrival Yes Yes
Promotional Web Widgets Yes Replaced by Embedded Registration
Registrant Checklist Alerts Yes Yes
Registration Import Yes Yes
Regret Survey Yes Yes
Sandbox Environment Support Yes Yes
SocialWall Yes Yes
Integrations NOTE: All integrations are the out-of-the-box version
Concur Integration Yes Yes
CrowdCompass Integration Yes Yes
Deem Integration Yes Yes
Eloqua Integration Yes Yes
Integration Hub Yes Yes
Marketo Integration Yes Yes
Passkey Integration Yes Yes
PNR Integration Yes Yes
Salesforce Integration Yes Yes
WebEx Integration Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes Yes
GetThere Integration Yes Planned for May 2022
Planner-Side Only
Badges & Certificates Yes Yes
Budget Yes Yes
Custom Barcodes Yes Yes
Event Credits Yes Yes
Event Documents Yes Yes
Event Roles Yes Yes
Internal Information Yes Yes
Process Forms Yes Yes
Resources Yes Yes
Tasks Yes Yes

Disclaimer: The descriptions of features described above are provided for informational purposes only. The information does not purport to be all inclusive or necessarily include all information that a customer or prospective customer may desire in evaluating Cvent's products or services. The features described as "planned" or otherwise forward looking are under consideration by Cvent and are not delivery commitments for future products, features, technologies, or services. Cvent does not guarantee the features or release dates. The actual product development and timelines noted may vary and are subject to change at any time at Cvent's sole discretion without notice. Cvent expressly disclaims any and all liability for any errors and/or omissions, representations or warranties, expressed or implied as contained above. Accordingly, any reliance on the information above is at your own risk.

*If your needs exceed the current limitations, please reach out to your account team.

**New with Flex

***Retired due to low usage