March 21, 2019
By Madison Layman

The full Cvent CONNECT 2019 agenda has launched! The agenda now includes over 100 breakouts sessions, all expected to be approved for CMP credit. The best part? We have new tracked agendas that give more specific content for different types of attendees. And, this is the first year there are differentiated breakouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of Cvent.

You’ll also see breakout tracks that are more focused on the functional. Unlike other conferences, you can pick and choose from the complete selection of sessions and are not required to attend all sessions within a track, which will make for a completely custom agenda specific to your unique needs.

Check out the different tracks below! To see what sessions fall under the track that applies to you, go to Cvent CONNECT 2019 Agenda and choose your track.


Meetings and events are a lifeline for most associations. With concerns about retaining sponsors, covering costs, streamlining workflows, proving revenue increases, and more there is a lot to manage. This track will pull insights from your peers and show you how to more effectively communicate with your members, save time and money, and boost attendance at your meetings.

 Cvent Admin

Your job is to know the Cvent product inside and out. Whether you’ve been using Cvent for years, or are new to the product, this track will give you the information to use Cvent to the fullest. From knowing where to look for product updates and working with your client success team to designing a successful onboarding and rollout plan, through customer sharing, users will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Cvent Agency Partner

As an agency partner, you need to be able to talk to your clients in an engaging and compelling way. In this track, you’ll learn how Cvent is investing in your partner business, how to collaborate with the Cvent partner team, and how to refine your selling skills.

Event Marketer

The Event Marketer track includes tracks for the various marketing roles in your organization from event and experiential marketing, to marketing ops, to trade show program leaders. We’ve pulled in industry leaders who will exchange ideas about how to drive higher attendance, integrate Cvent with your other marketing technologies, and track real-time event insights for lead follow-up and better event program ROI.

Higher Education

Institutions have a wide range of events, but they share common goals: to engage and connect students, alumni, and the community.  In this track, through best practice sharing you’ll learn how to increase the reach, impact, and ROI of your events across the student lifecycle with integrated outreach, engagement, and reporting tools.


Your business depends on working with meetings and events planners. In this track, we’ll dive into how to work with planners at every stage of the process, from creating a winning RFP to collaboration strategies that will influence repeat business.

Life Sciences

Regulations at the country, state, and local levels — combined with the need to track healthcare providers (HCPs) — means life sciences organizations need a disciplined approach to manage enterprise-wide meeting and event programs. This track will draws from thought leaders in the industry who will focus on tracking HCP activity and spend, using tech to enhance participant engagement, and gaining increased visibility into simple meetings.

Marketing Operations

In marketing operations, it all comes down to the power of integrations. In this track, we’ll show you how Cvent can offer you a unified, holistic data exchange across your tech stack, including Salesforce.

Meetings Management

You work with a variety of stakeholders to implement a meetings program that adds value to your organization. Whether you’ve scaled your program successfully or are new to meetings management, this track will show you how to provide visibility for spend management, provide best practices for how to scale our program, and show you how leaders like you give stakeholders the resources to manage their event logistics on their own.

Onsite Experience

From check-in to the final session, the onsite experience needs to be seamless Not only that, onsite is when you have the greatest opportunity to gather data that will help you better understand attendees. In this track, we’ll explore best practices on using technology to master the first impression, explain how to collect valuable insights into attendee behavior, and how to best capitalize on the attendee experience from through the lens of your peers.

Planner - Beginner

You’re looking for the best way to create an incredible event from start to finish. In this track, thought leaders will cover the basics and show you how to leverage the power of the Cvent Platform to cut down on manual processes. From designing an incredible website to streamlining efficiency, you’ll learn how to create your best event yet.

Planner – Intermediate

You’re past the event basics, but now it’s time to dial in on what technology can help you scale your events program. In this track, we’ll cover how leaders in the industry use tools like room blog management, diagramming and seating tools, and more can to help scale events and increase event ROI.

Planner - Advanced

Your events run like clockwork but there’s still room for improvement, especially when it comes to decreasing spend, increasing efficiency, and proving event ROI. This track will use best practices sharing to show you how to understand the needs of internal clients, utilize appointments in your event strategy, build compelling ROI, and more.

Trade Show Planner

Leads are your primary measure of success at events and it’s imperative that you are able to get as many quality leads as possible. In this track, users like you will explore why appointments matter, how you can leverage lead capture tools, and best practices to attract, capture, and rate leads.

Travel Procurement

Travel and procurement managers have long worked together to optimize travel spend and the traveler experience. In this track, we’ll cover the data you need to leverage your group and transient programs, share success stories on how to audit your corporate hotel program and look to thought leaders to uncover how the travel buyer is changing.

Cvent CONNECT is July 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas. Find out which track is right for you today!

Madison Layman

Madison Layman

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