April 29, 2024
By Carisa Bartelt

If you're part of a corporate events team, Cvent CONNECT in San Antonio is tailored just for you, regardless of your role. It's where the industry's best gather not just to network but to experience and learn in a setting that's all about the attendees. 

Here's why this is a can’t-miss event for each member of your team:

Event Planners: Stop and Smell the Success

As an event planner, you're the puppet master, the wizard behind the curtain, conjuring up corporate event magic daily. But when's the last time you were the one basking in the applause, not orchestrating it? Cvent CONNECT is your chance to ditch the stress and take a deep dive into the latest and greatest in event tech trends.

Step out of your event planning shoes and into the attendee's seat. Experience an event from the other side, gathering insights and inspiration you can apply to your own events. Discover new event trends, technologies, and event management best practices that can elevate your next event. 

When you leave Cvent CONNECT, you’ll walk away with valuable tools and insights that will inform your events strategy and have you considering exciting new ways to do what you do best: create amazing events that drive results.

Don’t miss this session for planners: 

What’s Your Event Worth? Linking Events to Revenue

With every dollar being scrutinized, it’s critical to tie event investment to business impact. Join us for a highly informative session on how to attribute your events to pipeline and revenue.

Marketers: Deep Dive into Event-Driven Marketing

Marketers will find a wealth of knowledge on integrating event strategies with your broader marketing goals. Learn how to enhance your event's appeal, drive registrations, and use data to tailor your event marketing efforts.

Sessions are designed to provide actionable insights you can implement immediately, offering immediate ROI for attending and imminent ROI on the marketing tactics you’ll apply to your own event promotions.

Can’t-miss for marketers: 

Event Tech Is MarTech: Say Goodbye to Silos, Hello to Synergy

Hear firsthand from experts at AVI, CAIS, and Shopmonkey how their marketing and event teams collaborate to treat event technology as an integral part of their marketing technology stack, driving greater results.

IT and Tech Specialists: A Look Under the Hood with Tech Tours

Dive into the technical side of events with our tech tours, showcasing how Cvent's technology makes events more efficient and engaging. IT and tech team members will appreciate the hands-on demonstrations and the chance to see innovative event solutions in action.

We know it’s important to see your prospective tech in action, have a chance to ask questions about the back-end operations, and see for yourself how the rest of your tech stack can interact with your event tech. We’ve got you covered at Cvent CONNECT!

Get your tech team to this session: 

Solution Overview: Platform Integrations - Security, Compliance, and Activating Your Event Data

If you’re an event professional, marketer, or IT professional of any user level, join this expert-led session as we discuss how our customers integrate Cvent into their tech stack and how Cvent platform integrations help ensure data integrity for your organization.

Leaders: Strategic Insights and Industry Forecasts

As the ones steering the ship, leaders must stay ahead of the curve. Cvent CONNECT provides a unique platform to network with other industry leaders, gain insights into future trends, and understand how to harness the power of events to drive your organization forward. 

Immerse yourself in content that speaks directly to leadership challenges and opportunities in the evolving event landscape. Cvent CONNECT is more than an event; it's a catalyst for growth, inspiration, and maybe even your next big idea.

Tune in for this session:

Scaling Event Programs: Navigating Growth with Flat Resources

“Grow your events, but team size and budget must remain flat.” Sound familiar? Join us as we share the latest research into how leaders are responding by restructuring their teams and technology to profitably scale their event programs.

Been There, Done That? Buckle Up for More!

Think you know Cvent CONNECT? Think again! San Antonio is stirring up a fresh cocktail of experiences, energy, and excitement. We're redefining the game with new tricks, fresh faces, and industry insights that will help take your event program to the next level.

Each year, we strive to make Cvent CONNECT bigger, better, and more valuable than the last. This event is about everyone in the events industry and ensuring corporate event teams like yours are equipped with the tools, tips, and insights you need to succeed.

Why Attend Cvent CONNECT? Because You Deserve It!

We know you're the best at what you do. But even the best need a break, a dose of inspiration, and a heck of a good time. And guess what? That's exactly what we've planned for you in San Antonio. From behind-the-scenes tech tours and sizzling sessions to networking opportunities and partying like there's no tomorrow, this event has it all.

At Cvent CONNECT, you’ll hear from industry pros and engaging speakers just itching to share their insights. You can look forward to:

  • Training camps to help you make the most of your event tech
  • Tech tours to see Cvent event tech in action (including some exciting new offerings)
  • Attendee meetups and happy hours to grow your network and build relationships
  • Sessions tailored to each role in the event space, from planners and marketers to tech teams and leaders
  • … and so much more!

So, ready to swap your daily grind for some Tex-Mex, margaritas, and a whole lot of learning and fun? Join us at Cvent CONNECT and experience an event crafted just for you, the movers and shakers of the corporate world. Because, let's face it, if anyone knows how to appreciate a well-thrown bash, it's you.

See you in San Antonio, where your corporate badge will be your ticket to the ultimate celebration of your work and passion!

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Need a little more insight into what you can expect? Check out our Corporate Attendee Guide

Carisa Bartelt

Carisa Bartelt

Carisa Bartelt, is a leader on Cvent’s product marketing team. She is a dynamic and passionate marketer who values storytelling, brand building, and improving the customer experience. One of her driving passions is to bring balance to creativity and strategy to marketing, making everything purposeful, but still genuine. Carisa specializes in event marketing and demand-gen tactics that drive business growth, brand affinity, and customer advocacy. In her free time, she loves any type of research, getting lost in a book, and a really good pun.

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