August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

You've just signed your contract with Cvent to begin using the Event Management solution…now what?!


You might feel a little overwhelmed with the new features and not know where to begin. To help, we have created the Cvent onboarding process. This process helps you, as a new user, and us, as your Cvent Account Team. During the onboarding process, your Account Team will be able to better understand your specific business goals and what you'd like to achieve using the platform.

Kickoff Call

When the time is right, Cvent will reach out to schedule a kickoff call. On this kickoff call, you'll discuss your first event's details and review goals for utilizing Cvent.

Strategy Calls

After the kickoff call, the Client Success Consultant will schedule a series of event strategy calls. On these calls, they'll suggest features, event setups, reporting, or integrations that could assist in making your goals a reality. Your Client Success Consultant might also suggest training that can help you understand how specific areas of the platform work. Your Account Team will recommend features that can help streamline your registration process. Some of these features are the OnArrival mobile app, integrations with your marketing software, and Web Widgets to promote your event.

Invitee Management Training

Once your first event is launched, you'll be recommended to join an Invitee Management training. This training will empower you to be able to manage registrations, adjust order amounts, modify registrations, and register on the behalf of invitees. You'll learn how to run reports so you can collect the information you need to either send to the caterer, the hotel, or your event team. A month prior to your event, Cvent will schedule a discussion to review name badging and tracking attendance onsite using OnArrival.

Customer Success Review

Once your event is complete, your Account Team will schedule a Customer Success Review.  Feedback is collected and discussed throughout the onboarding process to increase ease of use and improve your experience moving forward. Features that are utilized well and recommended features are discussed for your next event. By the end of the call, Cvent will have a list of action plans on training and next steps.

Additional Resources

Cvent's goal for your onboarding process is to make sure you have the tools and training needed to build successful events in Cvent. As you are a customer for life, we're committed to creating a strong foundation for you to begin your Cvent journey! If you'd like to learn more about Leveraging Your Cvent Account Team & the resources available to you, check out this webinar.

This post was authored by Sr. Onboarding Specialist, Michelle Williams. She's a Cvent expert and a George Mason Alum that has a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling.

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