August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team
We’ve guided you through Cvent FLEX and New Reporting in our Embracing Change series - now, we're excited to present our New Event Calendars! We understand the stresses of planning meetings and events, especially when you have so many going on at once. How can you display all events in a visually appealing way to your invitees? How can you make it simple for everyone to search and select what events they want to register for? What if you have a lot of international events? If you've had any of these questions, then you're in luck because our New Event Calendars have the answer.

Refreshing Design

It's finally happening! Cvent's Event Calendars have gotten the visual makeover they deserve, and the visual makeover you deserve. Say goodbye to the old view and get ready to show-off your events with pride in your New Event Calendar. Like FLEX, our New Event Calendar has a Site Designer where you can customize the design and build of your Event Calendar website using Widgets. The content widgets allow you to add branded images, insert custom text, and preview your changes straight from the site designer - no more hitting refresh every five seconds to see your changes. The site designer also gives you the ability to fully configure your own theme colors and fonts to match with your organization's branding.  

Searching and Filtering Events

Does your organization host similar events that vary by location? Are you hosting multiple webinars a day and find it hard for invitees to find the right event? Your events are now easier to find and can be filtered by your invitees with a Search Bar.  Attendees can look for events using keywords. Those viewing the New Event Calendar can even filter which events are showing by Point of Interest, or any Custom Event Fields that are set up in your account.

Global Settings

Have international and multi-language events? New Event Calendars have global settings so you can display multiple languages at once. You no longer have to create a separate event calendar for every language! Not only has the New Event Calendar improved visually for your invitees, but the new features will truly enhance the invitee experience and drive your organization towards success. So, what are you waiting for? Start building out your New Event Calendar today! Some of the links above are to the Cvent Community, a go-to resource for step-by-step help articles & tutorials, user forums, 24×7 support, and more. Visit the Cvent Customer Success Center to learn more.  Minh is a Client Success Consultant at Cvent who enjoys fine dining at Taco Bell, going to any and all concerts, traveling the world with family and friends, and watching UVA Basketball.
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