August 19, 2022
By Cvent Success Team

Do you need to be able to easily capture who is requesting an event, what departments are involved, event start and end dates, event size, estimated budget, location, proposed agenda, audiovisual and technology requirements, and more? Using a Meeting Request Form in Cvent, you can create a completely customized form for your organization to collect all necessary fields and questions from requesters. This allows planners to capture, track, and report on all meeting and event-related request information in one system and centralized location.

One of my favorite features when using a Meeting Request Form is that you can create an event in Cvent when a Meeting Request Form is submitted, streamlining your event creation process. Additionally, you can turn these meeting requests into RFPs in order to source venue space using the Cvent Supplier Network (and as a time-saver, the Meeting Request Form details will pre-populate directly into your RFP). For those of you who already have an existing Meeting Request Form built out in the legacy format or for those who are looking to get started using the feature for the first time, the New Meeting Request Form designer is the latest and greatest form that you will want to utilize for your meeting request needs moving forward.

Cvent Meeting Request Form: What’s New & Different 

One of the biggest changes with the New Meeting Request form is that it is built on a responsive website designer. For those who have already made the migration over to Flex for your event registration, the Meeting Request Form Designer uses the same customizable site designer that you are used to using when building out your event website and registration process. You can easily drag and drop your Meeting Request Form fields, questions, text, images, and more onto the canvas to build out a customized and branded form for your organization. In addition to the enhanced site designer functionality for your forms, the new Meeting Request Form offers greater functionality than ever offered in the legacy solution, including allowing for pagination, up to five levels of sub-questions and mobile responsiveness!

As a planner on the backend, you’re able to run detailed reports not only on the content of the meeting requests but also on the number of meeting requests submitted total and the total requests submitted by each requester. This gives you greater visibility into your meetings and events program within one database.

Have a large number of requests been submitted? You can create a custom view to organize your list of meeting requests. Lastly, when it comes time to share your Meeting Request Forms, you can publish your forms to your Access Portal, so requesters can find and fill out their requests in one centralized location. (If you haven’t had a chance yet, don’t forget to check out our previous The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with New Reports and Access Portals post for more information on how to configure, design, and publish to your portal and our Access Portal Visual Showcase to see some great examples of published Meeting Request Forms and how the portal can truly be used as a central hub for all of your meeting and event needs.)


Ready to get started building out your New Meeting Request Form? Within the greater Solution Evolution Hub in the Cvent Community that details each and every upcoming product migration, you’ll find the Meeting Request Form (New) Resources Hub. Within this hub, you have all of the tools needed to hit the ground running, setting up your new Meeting Request Form (think: step-by-step articles and guides and our feature roadmap). You also have the support of our 24/7 Customer Care team to guide you through any how-to or one-off questions you may have when working on building out your new form, as well as your Cvent Account Team to advise on more strategic setups and migration conversations. Stay tuned and keep checking back in for the next feature to be highlighted in The Solution Evolution blog series! And as always – keep calm and Solution Evolution on!


Julia Plymack, Cvent

This post was written by Julia Plymack, a Lead Client Success Advisor at Cvent. Julia enjoys traveling, the outdoors, true crime podcasts, and binge-watching reality TV shows.  


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