November 03, 2020
By Cvent Success Team

We first kicked off our Solution Evolution blog post series with The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with Cvent Upgrades, followed by The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with Cvent Flex, and next up we’ll be diving into The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with New Reports and Access Portals. Depending on when you started your journey with Cvent, you may have noticed and utilized several different reporting options available within your events including Standard Reports, Custom Reports, and Reports (New). Reports (New) is Cvent’s latest and greatest reporting framework available throughout all the Cvent Solutions you know and love. It can be found within Events, Cross Event Reports, the Cvent Supplier Network, Surveys, eMarketing, Abstract Management, and Appointments. Reports (New) is the go-forward reporting solution that is replacing both of the legacy reporting frameworks, Standard, and Custom Reports. Reports (New) works in conjunction with the new Access Portals feature, which is replacing Parked Report Groups and Legacy Portals, to publish and share reports with your stakeholders and non-Cvent users who need them the most.

What’s New & Different


Reports (New) is Cvent’s new and improved reporting framework that is more modern, visually appealing, user-friendly, and allows you to easily configure the specific data and graphical elements that are most important to you and your events. Within all Cvent solutions, you will have just one reporting section to navigate to, called “Reports,” which utilizes this new reporting framework. There are still report templates available that you can use as a starting point and run for quick results, but now you can also customize these reports to make them your own and truly showcase the data that is the most valuable to your organization and stakeholders. Think grouping, sorting, filtering, adding additional fields, removing fields that aren’t necessary, adjusting the visual chart types and measurements, and more. Any report can truly become a custom report that displays the necessary data in whatever format makes the most sense for you. We recommend saving the reports you have customized for easy access whenever you log into Cvent, exporting them into Excel as needed, and publishing them to your Access Portal™ for others to see and run themselves on their own time.

Access Portals

The saved reports that are the most important within your events can now be published to your Access Portal with the click of a button. Using the same drag and drop site designer functionality that is available within Flex events, you can design a modern, branded portal for Cvent users, non-Cvent users, and stakeholders alike to access data and run reports with ease. In addition to the Access Portal housing crucial reports, you also gain the additional functionality of publishing meeting request forms,  event calendars, and appointment event calendars to your Access Portal. Instead of having to view these tools and features in separate parts of the platform, they can all be published to your Access Portal for your Portal Users to access all in one place. Oh, and did I mention that with Access Portals you now get unlimited Portal Users? That’s right, unlimited Portal Users! Whether you would like to make your reports and other content available to your internal or external stakeholders, sales team, hotel and travel partners, or others, you now have no limit to how many of these users can be added to your Access Portal. 

Additionally, you can now create one Access Portal to house all of your Cvent-related reports and information and set up permissions accordingly for who can access the content within your Portal, so that these users only see the reports and data that they should have access to. All of this can happen within one Access Portal in the system, so gone are the days where you are managing seemingly countless Parked Report Groups. If you are a third-party planner or require more than one Access Portal for whatever reason, multiple Access Portals are available with Access Portals Premium license and you can learn more about which level of Access Portal is right for you here: Access Portal vs. Access Portal Premium. With the added functionality, customization options, and ease of setup and use, your organization’s Access Portal quickly becomes a one stop shop for all of your event planning, management, reporting, and data needs.   

Visual Showcase

Looking for some inspiration on how Access Portals can look and function? Check out our Access Portal Visual Showcase, where you can click into the different portal examples to see how Access Portals could work for you and your organization today.


Within the greater Solution Evolution Hub in the Cvent Community that details out each and every product migration you will need to make, you’ll find specific sections on both Reports (New) Resources and Access Portal Resources to guide you step-by-step through these upcoming product migrations. After digesting some of the videos, articles, and guides, I highly recommend participating in one of our live or on-demand training courses to ensure you feel comfortable and empowered utilizing these new and improved solutions moving forward. Lastly, when in doubt, reach out for help! The Cvent Support team is eager to assist and help guide you through these transitions and help set up your Cvent account, events, and users for success moving forward. Stay tuned for the next feature to be highlighted in The Solution Evolution blog series! Until then – keep calm and Solution Evolution on!

Julia Plymack, Cvent

This post was written by Julia Plymack, a Lead Client Success Advisor at Cvent. Julia enjoys traveling, the outdoors, true crime podcasts, and binge-watching reality TV shows.  

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