How do I sign up for the Event Management trial? 

Signing up is easy. Simply click HERE and we’ll immediately send you an email so you can activate your account. 

Who is eligible for a trial account? 

Anyone can sign up for a trial. If you are already a Cvent Event Management customer, check your account first as you may already have access to the functionality available in the trial. 

Access to, and usage of, Cvent services are governed by Cvent’s Terms of Use, available HERE 

In which countries is the trial available? 

There are no geographic restrictions for trial sign up. The trial supports multiple languages and currencies. 

I'm already a Cvent customer, can I sign up for a trial? 

Yes. However, if you’re already a Cvent Event Management customer, you may want to check your account as you may already have access to the functionality available in the trial. 

What's included in the trial? 

The trial allows you to use all of the features available in the Professional Edition of Cvent Event Management, except the creation of ticketing events and a set of event registration and payment functionality that will be added over the next few months, including: 

  • Sub-Questions 
  • Registration Approval 
  • Taxes 
  • Discount Codes 
  • Custom Data Tags 
  • Certain Hotel Request Details 
  • Travel Preferences Through Air Request 
  • Event Surveys 
  • Passport Number 
  • Full Guest Registration 
  • File Upload Questions 

During the trial, you may build as many events as you want. To give you the opportunity to understand your registrants’ experience, you can send a limited number of test invitation emails and/or capture a limited number of test registrations. 

When you are ready to launch your event and capture live registrations, just let us know by clicking “Purchase Now” in the top right corner. We’ll work with you to make sure you have all the tools you need for your events to be successful. 

Does the trial cost anything? 

No. It’s free to sign up for the trial and to build your events. 

How long is the trial / When does my trial expire? 

You can continue to build and design events for as long as you would like. All events you create remain in your account as long as your account is active. However, if you haven’t logged into your account for 90 consecutive days, we will notify you via email and give you one last chance to continue to use it. If you don’t need the account any longer, we’ll delete your events and all content in your account for security purposes.” 

What support do I get during the trial? 

We are here to help make sure your events are successful. We provide 24/7 support and a robust community of help content to guide you through the use of Cvent Event Management. 

  • When logged into your account, click on “Help & Support” or Cvent Community” in the top navigation to access our knowledge base 
  • Visit for video tutorials and other helpful resources 


I'd like to purchase Cvent. How do I get more information on Cvent’s pricing? 

Call us at 800-925-7220 to speak with a Cvent sales professional. We’ll be happy to discuss pricing options and get you any additional information you need about Cvent’s Event Management software. 

What if I still have questions? 

Visit us at if you need more information. You can also visit us at for additional trial related resources.