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Hotel Fit Score

Prioritize Leads Automatically and Convert Deals That Matter Most

Pursuing the best group business is critical to your hotel's bottom line, but it takes up to a dozen steps and multiple spreadsheets to qualify a lead. Scaled to hundreds of RFPs a month, that adds up to a ton of busy work before you can even begin selling.

That's why we developed the Cvent Lead Scoring suite, which includes Cvent Hotel Fit Score and Cvent RFP Score, so you can focus on selling leads that maximize revenue and profitability.

  • Save time by automatically prioritizing leads
  • Increase conversion rates with quick, thorough RFP responses
  • Fill need dates via enhanced visibility into alternate dates and fit
  • Track group sales funnel performance and pacing


    RFP Score

    RFP Score

    Gain Planner and Marketplace Insights on RFPs

    RFP Score empowers you to prioritize the best leads by providing planner data, the geographic scope of their search, and the lead's attractiveness compared to others in your market. RFP Score also provides reports to reveal the share of RFPs you receive versus your competitors— helping inform your competitive strategy. Furthermore, with a painless, turnkey implementation process, you're guaranteed to receive value rapidly.

    • Get more insights on RFPs with planner history and search details
    • Optimize competitive strategy with dashboards on RFPs within your compset
    • See value and ROI immediately with rapid implementation

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