A Unique Gifting Experience

A Unique Gifting Experience

In today's episode we are joined by Tom Romine, Founder and CEO of Cultivate, to talk all about gifting experiences.

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Not only is gifting a topic we love to talk about, but it is also an important one. There is nothing worse than receiving a gift for a job well done, but being given something that you simply don't like. Cultivate has worked hard over the years to ensure that every gifting experience is tailored to the employee, client, etc. to make sure that every gift fulfills both the giver and the receiver's expectations. They are focused on providing a unique gift experience for every occasion and location. Tune in to hear more from Tom! 


  • Tom Romine, Founder & CEO, Cultivate


  • Brooke Gracey, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Cvent
  • Cody Liskh, Team Lead, Event Quarterback Team, Cvent


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