Why retire SummitSync?

By joining forces, we have more resources to continue innovating and delivering the best-in-class appointment scheduling tool. It’s time to sunset the SummitSync product and brand so that our tech and product teams can focus on supporting and expanding just one appointment tool. We’re excited about what lies ahead.

What does this mean for customers?

SummitSync customers should already be in discussions with their Cvent success advisors regarding their business needs and transition plans. We want to thank you for being a loyal SummitSync customer and we look forward to supporting you in the future. If you have questions about Cvent and our appointment tools, please fill out the above form and someone will be in touch.

Universal Appointments Overview

Cvent's Universal Appointments feature gives you the ability to pre-book meetings with customers and prospects at the events you attend. By using trade show appointments, you can also prepare executives and staff for crucial one-on-one conversations.


Pre-book meetings with Customers & Prospects

Universal Appointments allows you to set meetings with customers and prospects before you leave to attend a trade show, regardless of what technology the show organizer may be using. By pre-scheduling appointments, you will reduce no shows and increase engagement with important customers and prospects.

Maximize Your Time on the Trade Show Floor

How much time your organization’s employees spend at your booth directly impacts how many leads you can generate from the events you attend. During pre-show planning, quickly view everyone’s commitments and available time slots to help prevent double-bookings as your plan out a master schedule. Once they are on-site, your booth staff can also quickly add appointments for walk-ups.

Universal Appointments Scheduler
Universal Appointments Calendar Screenshot

Prepare Sales & Executives for Important Meetings

Prospects and customers often attend trade shows to connect with specific people in your organization, such as sales reps and key executives. Increase the sales pipeline from the events you attend by setting up effective meetings between trade show attendees and your organization’s representatives.

Track ROI for your Event Program

Your organization makes big investment to attend events. But it can be challenging to measure the return on that investment. Incorporating appointments into your trade show strategy will help you increase high-quality leads while allowing you to store meeting data in a consistent, actionable format for reporting.

Universal Appointments Product Interest Screenshot