Event Planning Software for Educational Institutions

Customisable cloud-based event management solution for schools, colleges and universities

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Online Event Registration Software for Educational Institutions

Whether you are dealing with alumni events, continuing education conferences, or graduate fairs, Cvent's event management platform enables educational institutions to automate manual tasks, increase efficiency, and streamline processes across various departments without breaking the budget.

Our event management solutions not only offer you the ease of automation, but also provide the ability to track registrations and meeting spend, report immediately on results to key stakeholders, and plot out the next steps in the event management process.

Event Management Features for Educational Institutions

  • Alumni Database Management

    Alumni Database Management

    Enable registrants to update their information directly and forward event invites to their friends.

  • Learning Management System

    Learning Management System

    Utilise as a learning management system to collect contact information and register delegates for Continuing Education.

  • Create unique registrations

    Create unique registrations

    Create multi-path registration and dynamic pricing based on contact types such as alumni, students, staff members and administrators.

  • Collect payments online

    Collect payments online

    Accept online payments for alumni events, classes, text books or donations directly into your bank account.

  • Create engaging events

    Create engaging events

    Provide up-to-date information and enable your delegates to engage more with each other, with you and the content with our native mobile event apps.

  • Publish event calendars

    Publish event calendars

    Publish electronic event calendars with links to online registration.

  • Leverage referral marketing

    Leverage referral marketing

    Allow members to 'tell-a-friend' about events to increase attendance and even gain new members.

  • Gain event insights

    Gain event insights

    Gain thorough insight into your events by measuring key statistics for one event or across multiple events

  • Collect post-event feedback

    Collect post-event feedback

    Analyse delegate feedback to determine the success of your current event and improve future events.