Onsite Check-In & Registration


OnArrival eliminates onsite stress by helping you check attendees in as quickly as 
possible. All data syncs automatically with Cvent's event management platform.

Self-Service Kiosk

Search by name, company, email or confirmation number

OnArrival's Kiosk mode will impress your delegates and help reduce your staffing needs onsite. Your guests can register, check in (themselves and their own guests), pay fees, and preview/edit/print their name badge on their own.

Wireless, On-Demand Badge Printing

Navigate your registrant list quickly with an alphabetical search

OnArrival helps eliminate tables of pre-printed badges by allowing you to wirelessly connect iPads to the printers to print badges. OnArrival supports a variety of Zebra printers compatible with the Zebra Link-OST.

Payments, Extra Sales & Donations

Scan in attendees with Bluetooth Laser Scanner Integration

Collect payments quickly and securely with just the swipe of a credit card. Allow organisers to sell T-shirts, books, lottery tickets or collect additional donations onsite quickly and easily.


Monitor who attends which sessions. If you require pre-registration for sessions, "red light"/ "green light" attendees as they arrive.


Track both check-in and check-out times for your event and sessions.


Verify a delegate's presence by collecting a signature on check-in and/or check-out.


Scan barcodes in less than one second and eliminate lines and blocked entryways with wireless laser scanners.

Event Technology To Power The Onsite Experience

Learn how onsite solutions help you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event.