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McCullough Moore represent a variety of clients and organise up to 11 events a year. The size of their events vary, from small board meetings for 12 to exhibitions/expos for up to 3,500 attendees. Their stated mission is to "build a partnership" with their clients and take away all the stress of organising an event by delivering events professionally, hassle free and within budget, allowing clients to have as much, or as little input as they wish. Manual processes were not helping McCullough Moore execute on this mission. In fact, these outdated processes were proving to be a hindrance. The lack of a proper set of tools meant the team were struggling to hit the mark and support their clients in the manner they intended. Excel sheets, faxes, and older software providers were being not only frustrating, but time consuming. When it comes to meetings and events, time is of the essence, and quickly addressing client needs is vital. The decision was made to move forward with new technology, and that meant beginning the search for an event management provider.

Using Versatile Technology

After vetting providers in an extremely competitive space, McCullough Moore chose Cvent, and have been a customer ever since. Whilst choosing their event platform they considered several other options, but Cvent won out for its flexibility which would do well to serve the diverse types of events which McCullough Moore manages. This versatility is critical for event agencies, providing their event managers the ability to create many different registration types. The team now uses the entire Cvent platform to manage every aspect of their client's events (including exhibitors), as well as the Cvent Supplier Network for sourcing. Following the adoption of Cvent, registration for their clients events is now fully automated, shaving hours off their planning processes. The team at McCullough Moore were also to take their marketing efforts to an entire new level by creating targeted lists with appropriate messaging using Cvent's easy-to-use registration. Based on their clients' preferences, the team is now able to create custom reports on a weekly basis to help clients track the success of their events, and use the data to measure ROI and find quick solutions to areas that need improvement.

Happy Clients & Delegates

McCullough Moore are extremely pleased with the way Cvent's technology ensures a smooth process, both behind the scenes and during their events. One particular project which McCullough Moore worked on was the Catering Equipment Distributors Association (CEDA) Conference. In 2015, McCullough Moore took over the event, which included 280 guests and involved the most complex registrations ever created by the team. When the team first began working on the event, it was organised manually, from start to finish. However, with the Cvent platform and the power of automation at their fingertips, the team immediately shaved days of working hours off the planning process. The event was a huge success with delegates extremely pleased with the registration process. "After the event, the feedback we received was 'great' to 'excellent' for the registration process with very few having anything negative to say about it, so we are delighted with this result and know it will be easy for McCullough Moore to replicate this for next year," Says Adam Mason, Director General, the CEDA. McCullough Moore is a full service strategic event management company with a passionate team dedicated to delivering world-class corporate events, and with the help of Cvent's event management technology, they're giving clients the memorable events they desire, and saving valuable time in the process.

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