Hybrid Events for Hotels and Venues

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 Hybrid events have been around for years – some might even say decades. And while that may be factually true, reality is a different teacher: no one has ever seen anything like today’s hybrid events. 

This combination of in-person and virtual experiences, driven by a desire to meet and by advances in technology, is a perfect example of how digital transformation is actively shaping the future of meetings and events. 

This ebook covers everything that venues need to know about hybrid events. Inside, you’ll learn more about why hybrid events matter for venues, and how they play a role. We also look at planner expectations, how venues should market their hybrid capabilities, and preview creative ways for venues to leverage hybrid events. 


  • What's a hybrid event... and how do venues play a role?
  • What event professionals expect from venues
  • Creative Ways Hotels Can Leverage Hybrid Events
  • How to Promote and Proactively Sell Hybrid Events to Planners