Australian Trucking Association

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Bumps in the Road

As the national peak body that represents the Australian trucking industry, events play a major role in the Australian Trucking Association's communication strategy. Events hosted by the association aim to engage the industry, share knowledge and provide best practices to the varied delegates of the trucking industry, which include leading truck industry stakeholders along with supplier and government agencies.

Prior to implementing Cvent, effectively and efficiently hosting various events for key industry stakeholders was a daunting task. With so much work to be completed under tight time constraints, utilising a multitude of point solutions created an incredibly inefficient process. Data constantly had to be updated manually in systems that handled registrations, check-ins and event mobile app creation.

A History of Collaboration

As a means to cure some of its event planning pains, the association first implemented Cvent's Event Management module in 2012. The team was able to centralise event data for marketing events, allowing them to make informed decisions and formulate better marketing strategies. They started to create higher-quality events with consistent and comparable data for high-level metric and trend reporting and analysis.

As a result of its success with the Event Management solution, in 2015, the ATA chose to expand its use of the Cvent Platform by implementing OnArrival. The ATA team needed the ability to capture attendee check-in details that would integrate with their own CRM tools. They also wanted to provide a more seamless check-in experience to keep delegates delighted from the moment they arrived at an ATA event. OnArrival effectively accomplished both needs, transforming the onsite check-in experience for both event planners and attendees.

In the same year, the team decided to invest in a mobile event app to further engage event attendees following the success of OnArrival. With the integration of CrowdCompass, ATA satisfied its delegates at its flagship event by creating a "closed social media platform" where they could network, comment on event proceedings and have their views heard in real-time. It also gave the delegates essential event information right at their fingertips, creating a wonderful sense of community and connection amongst event attendees and event planners. Furthermore, CrowdCompass helped the ATA save precious time as data flowed seamlessly between the app and the event management software without manual intervention. Entering data only once into the Cvent system was not possible when working with single-point solutions.

More recently in 2016, the ATA used Cvent Express for their truck convoy event. Express proved to be immensely helpful as the event website was up and running in just under 2 hours, attracting 100 registrations in just the initial week. It made the team's job much easier by providing a fast, modern and integrated way to build their less complex events.

A Smoother Ride

By collecting years of data in one centralised system, ATA is now able to maintain data integrity from event-to-event. This has resulted in actionable reporting, demonstrating to event planners and leadership the ROI of their events management program. With this robust database, the team can now effectively market their events, make informed decisions and formulate new marketing strategies. By using the event management software the team is now able to save up to 80% of their time and focus on other important details. With no need for paper registration forms, the ATA has also been able to save about 20% on its design budget, an additional 20% on print costs and has seen a 50% cost reduction in mailing.

Cvent's integrated platform solution gives the Australian Trucking Association a comprehensive system to execute the perfect event, but more importantly, Cvent has helped ATA keep its delegates coming back for more.