August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Tuxedos, lace, the swish of taffeta, and the clink of champagne glasses. 'Tis the height of the season for galas and glamorous balls. The next time you need to pull out all the stops and design an unforgettable gala, keep these tips in mind. Even with budget constraints, you can still blow your guests away with just the right touches.

1. Select a theme that conveys the purpose of the event in an interesting and appealing manner.

Scan our list of 10 terrific event themes that Cvent Event blog recently unveiled.

2. Select a venue that is in harmony with your theme.

Greenhouses, glasshouses and crystal event venues will minimize the amount you have to spend for decorations. Remember that many universities, museums and art galleries have affordable spaces that are perfect for galas. Consider an outdoor venue if it appropriate for the destination and season.

3. Make an impact with your entrance.

This is the first area guests will see and it sets the tone for the rest of the event. It doesn't take much. A red carpet, lush vegetation and the right lighting can add drama and excitement.

4. Use a few major decorative elements to add a touch of pizzazz.....but don't overdo it.

Strategically place an attractive backdrop, large cut-outs, ceiling hangings, branches, or plants.

5. Remember a little music can go a long way to create an appropriate ambiance.

6. Create a sense of style with effective lighting.

A lighting designer is one of your best investments for gala events. 7. Use a simple color palette. Bright white plus a vivid accent color that reflects your theme makes a bold statement. Using too many colors will actually reduce the luxurious feel of the event.

8. Select linen and chair covers that add a touch of elegance.

9. Never underestimate the impact of china and crystal.

10. Use interesting and appealing centerpieces that reflect your theme.

Our recent feature about classy Christmas centerpieces provides ideas that you can use throughout the year. Bonus: Add an element of surprise. Depending on your theme or budget, Taiko drummers, ice sculptures, fireworks, a balloon drop, aerial acrobats, an unexpected celebrity appearance or dancers (e.g. belly dancers, Capoeira, Lion dancers, fire limbo) all have proven crowd appeal. Here is how it all comes together:

Chef Gordon Ramsay Gala Dinner - Behind the Scenes:


Winter Wonderland Gala

Written by Anne Thornley-Brown.

Cvent Guest

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The Definitive Guide to Event Types
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