August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Whether budgets are high, moderate or low, a great centerpiece is an easy way to reinforce an event theme at any time of the year.

The following examples illustrate the use of snowglobes, ornaments, decorative elements from nature (e.g. branches, berries) and, of course, candles.


Candles elevate just about any centerpiece. Surround them with tinsel, metallic or white beads, rhinestones,
or simulated pearls. Experiment with placing them on mirrors, in glass bowls and sliver trays.


Surround Christmas snowglobes with Christmas bulbs, tinsel, ferns, a wreath, or holly berries. Add a few candles to create a magical glow.

Christmas Ornaments

If your budget is tight, create Christmas centerpieces, easily and affordably by filling vases, white square plates, wine glasses or clear bowls with Christmas ornaments.

Make the experience interactive by asking each guest to bring a Christmas bulb. Provide a variety of containers. When guests are seated, have a short competition to create the best centerpiece with the ornaments.

Natural Decorative Elements

This centerpiece by Cindi Albright of Rustique Art sits on a barrel top and showcases how bark, wood, and pine cones can create a rustic effect. Part of the bark is hollowed out and filled with candle wax.

What adds drama to this arrangement is the rich red color added by the cranberries and reinforced in the color of the plates

Fallen leaves, branches and pine needles are some other natural elements that can be combined to  stunning results without breaking the budget.

Pulling it all Together

When people think Christmas, red and green come to mind, but they aren't the only option. Experiment with blue, white, gold and silver. Combine a variety of the decorative elements that we have discussed in unexpected ways.

Glass, sliver and crystal containers have a way of creating  sense of harmony even when using elements that wouldn't normally go together.

Candlelight reflecting on the whole arrangement will add that final finishing touch.


Written by Anne Thornley-Brown.

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