August 20, 2019
By Cvent
The right event email marketing can ensure you get the largest and most relevant audience for your event – but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. You want to build a buzz around your event and get your registrants engaged and talking before, during and after your meeting or conference. Email marketing is huge for events: More than 75% of B2C companies use email marketing as the number one tool to promote their events. Yet, 50% of email marketers (yes, half!) struggle with getting potential attendees to respond to their email efforts [Hubspot]. The effectiveness of email marketing is proven, and your leadership team is sold on the ROI of email promotion. But how do you use email to drive attendance to your event? We’ve laid down some basic best practices for building your email marketing strategy, and As we gear up for our annual conference, Cvent CONNECT, we always keeps these tips top-of-mind.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Events

  1. Use online email marketing software to easily review, manage, segment and update your contact lists.  Targeted campaigns will significantly drive registration.
  2. Allow your recipients to opt-out to comply with CAN-SPAM and privacy regulations
  3. Create your emails to be consistent with your event website to ensure brand cohesion.
  4. Maximize registration by pre-scheduling emails, automating updates, and be sure to send confirmation/thank you emails.
  5. Review reporting (your marketing software will help you do this easily) to analyze open and click-thru rates to see what's working, what's not, and to uncover additional marketing opportunities.
Bonus Tip: Test, tweak, and track your emails to get the most out of your campaigns. With the right event management tools and a dash of innovation, you can work wonders for your event marketing. To learn more about event marketing, download our free study: Modern Event Marketing: Viewing Events as an Asset, not an Expense.  


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