December 13, 2023
By Hope Salvatori

A study by Allied Market Research found that the global events industry is projected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028 and continue to rise to $2.1 trillion by 2032, a sizable growth rate of 6.4% from 2023 to 2032. 

In the dynamic landscape of event planning, creativity and innovation are essential for crafting experiences that captivate and resonate with diverse audiences. This rapid growth will require even more innovation for new event ideas as well as twists on traditional event formats to stand out and attract new and returning attendees. 

Read on to explore unique event ideas and gain insight into planning and executing these experiences.

Corporate Event Ideas

Events play a crucial role in corporate team building, networking, and promoting a positive company environment. When planning corporate events, it's essential to consider the goals of the organization, the preferences of the employees, and the overall company culture to create meaningful and impactful experiences.

Team-Building Retreat

Organize a company event where employees can engage in team-building activities and workshops. These events foster team cohesion and allow for a break from the traditional office environment. Select a suitable location and collaborate with team-building experts to design engaging workshops and activities that encourage collaboration and communication.

Virtual Team Building

Conduct online team-building activities to promote communication and teamwork. These events can be especially helpful for facilitating camaraderie within remote teams. Select online meeting management tools that facilitate collaboration and interaction. You can also explore innovative options like virtual escape rooms, trivia platforms, or team challenges.

Educational Lunch-and-Learn Sessions

Informal corporate meetings such as lunch-and-learn allow employees to gather for a meal while learning about specific topics, industry trends, or company updates. Provide a comfortable setting for employees to eat and consider catering the event to make things easier on participants. Encourage questions and discussions to enhance the learning experience.

Lunch Learn Cvent CONNECT 2023

Professional and Leadership Development Workshops

Offer specialized workshops or training sessions relevant to employees' roles and career growth. This can include skill development, industry certifications, or sessions on the latest tools and techniques. Bring in speakers or experts to provide insights on skill building, effective communication, and career growth. Incorporate interactive sessions, case studies, and Q&A opportunities to make the event informative and engaging. 

You can also arrange a similar workshop or seminar focused on leadership development. Invite renowned speakers or trainers to share insights on effective leadership.

Corporate Networking Events

Organize a corporate networking mixer designed to bring professionals from different companies and industries together to broaden their networks, exchange ideas, explore potential synergies across industries, and inspire cross-collaborations. Facilitate networking through interactive activities, like speed networking rounds or industry-specific discussion corners. You can also get creative with interactive experiences such as a networking scavenger hunt that includes tasks like meeting someone from a related company or industry or finding professionals with specific skills.

Industry Conference or Trade Show

Sponsor or organize an industry-specific conference or trade show where employees can network with professionals, attend workshops, and stay updated on industry trends. This enhances professional development and promotes the company's presence in the field. Promote the event to industry professionals and set up networking sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. You can also seek sponsorship opportunities to offset costs and increase visibility.

Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony

Host an awards ceremony to recognize and celebrate employee achievements. Categories can include outstanding performance, innovation, or milestones in service. This can boost employee morale while highlighting the company's appreciation for its workforce. Consider incorporating entertainment, keynote speakers, and employee testimonials as well. 

Employee Awards Cvent CONNECT 2023

Employee Holiday Events

Holidays are a pretty big deal in most cultures, and recognizing (and celebrating) these holidays can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Show your gratitude to your employees who work hard all year, and liven things up with holiday events throughout the year!

Customer Appreciation Event

Recognize and show gratitude to clients and customers by hosting a customer appreciation event. These events can strengthen client relationships and contribute to business sustainability. Incorporate entertainment or a themed atmosphere, plan engaging activities, showcase products or services, and, most importantly, express gratitude to your patrons.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Engage employees in community service or philanthropic CSR activities such as volunteer events, fundraisers, or partnerships with local charities to demonstrate the company's commitment to social responsibility. Communicate the impact of the initiatives to employees and stakeholders to foster a sense of purpose and corporate citizenship.

Interactive Happy Hour

Organize an interactive cocktail crafting session to cultivate a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Partner with a skilled mixologist to guide attendees through the art of creating signature cocktails. During the event, the mixologist can share interesting facts about each cocktail, offer tips on mixing techniques, and encourage participants to get hands-on with their creations. 

These happy hour company events can also be done virtually if you provide a list of items or ship cocktail kits with all necessary ingredients and tools to participants beforehand.

Product Launch Event Ideas

Celebrate the launch of a new product or service with a grand unveiling event. A successful product launch event can generate excitement and build anticipation for your new offering.

In-Person Launch Party

Organize a launch party at a physical venue to celebrate the product's release. Invite key stakeholders, influencers, and potential customers to create a buzz around the event. Arrange entertainment such as live music and create a visually appealing atmosphere. Consider incorporating product showcases, live demonstrations, and exclusive giveaways.

Pop-Up Shop or Retail Activation

Set up a temporary pop-up shop or retail activation at a high-traffic location. Allow customers to experience the product firsthand, ask questions, and make purchases. Offer exclusive promotions or discounts for attendees and utilize the opportunity to gather feedback and generate buzz on social media.

Virtual Product Launch Webinar

Host a live virtual webinar to introduce your product. Use engaging visuals, demonstrations, and presentations to highlight key features and benefits. Provide a clear agenda and incorporate interactive elements like polls or Q&A sessions to keep participants engaged.

Interactive Online Demo

Conduct an interactive online demo where participants can explore the product through guided tours, virtual demonstrations, exclusive insights into the product's functionalities, and opportunities for participants to ask questions.

Collaborative Launch with Influencers

Collaborate with influencers in your industry to co-host the product launch. Provide influencers with exclusive access to the product to create authentic and impactful content and leverage their platforms for teaser campaigns, unboxing videos, or live reviews to reach a wider audience. Arrange live streams, reviews, or joint content creation to maximize exposure.

Exclusive VIP Preview Event

Host an exclusive VIP preview event for select customers, stakeholders, and influencers. Curate the guest list thoughtfully and send personalized invitations. Provide an intimate setting for interactions and offer exclusive insights, product demonstrations, hands-on experiences, and in-depth discussions about the product's value. Consider offering limited-edition items or customizations to VIP attendees.

Product Showcase at Industry Conferences

Introduce your product at relevant industry conferences or trade shows to increase visibility within your target market. Design an eye-catching booth, offer live demonstrations, and engage with conference attendees. Leverage conference promotions and announcements for added visibility. Use the opportunity to network with professionals in your field, gather feedback, and generate leads. 

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Interactive Online Game or Challenge

Launch an online game or challenge related to your product with participants interacting with the product in a gamified environment. Offer prizes or discounts for those who complete the challenge and encourage participants to share their achievements online.

Augmented Reality (AR) Product Experience

Utilize AR technology to create an immersive product experience. You’ll need to utilize existing AR platforms or collaborate with AR developers to create an app that allows users to virtually interact with the product using their smartphones or AR devices.

Interactive Live Streaming Launch

Implement an interactive live-streaming event that combines elements of a webinar, Q&A session, and live product demonstrations. Plan a structured event with presentations, live demonstrations, and Q&A sessions and encourage audience engagement through comments, polls, and real-time interactions.

Fundraising event ideas

Hosting a charity event is a fantastic way to support a cause, organization, or community initiative. You’ll need to clearly communicate the cause, set fundraising goals, and leverage various channels for promotion to maximize participation and contributions.

Charity Gala

Host an elegant evening event with a formal dinner, live entertainment, and silent or live auctions. Partner with local businesses for sponsorships and auction items and encourage attendees to make donations. Sell tickets at varying levels, with higher tiers including additional benefits like VIP access or recognition.

Themed Costume Party

Organize a fun costume party with a specific theme, such as a decade, movie, or masquerade. Charge an entrance fee and incorporate fundraising activities like a costume contest or a charity auction. Consider partnering with local businesses for donations or sponsorships.

Charity Run/Walk or Fitness Challenge

Arrange a charity run or walk, where participants collect pledges from friends and family for each mile or kilometer completed. Use online platforms to facilitate fundraising pledges and promote the event through social media. Offer incentives for top fundraisers such as prizes or exclusive event merchandise and consider partnering with local businesses for sponsorship. Make sure you secure the route and ensure safety and accessibility.

You can also arrange a fitness challenge, such as a marathon, cycling event, or obstacle course. Participants collect pledges based on their performance or completion of the challenge, with funds going toward the chosen cause.

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Bake Sale or Food Festival

Host a bake sale featuring homemade treats and sweets or consider expanding the event into a food festival. Invite local bakers and food vendors and promote the event through community channels. You can charge a small fee for vendors to participate and encourage them to donate a portion of their sales to the cause.

Auction Night

Organize an auction event with donated items or experiences. Obtain auction items through donations or consignments and provide a compelling presentation about the cause to encourage generous bidding. Use both silent and live auction formats and consider offering online bidding options for remote participants. 

You can make it an art auction charity event by reaching out to local artists and securing a venue with suitable display space. Promote the event through art communities and social media, highlighting the featured artists and their contributions. Charge an entrance fee and consider incorporating a reception or networking opportunity.

Community Carnival

Create a community carnival with games, rides, and food stalls. Secure a location, organize attractions, and promote the event through local schools and community centers. Charge an entrance fee, offer ticket packages for games and rides, and allocate a percentage of the profits to the fundraising initiative. Seek sponsorships from local businesses to offset expenses.


Organize a dance marathon where participants seek sponsors for each hour they dance. Set up online fundraising platforms as well as a central location with space to dance. Consider making it a themed dance night with music from specific eras, genres, or artists. And make sure you provide refreshments, periodic breaks, and recognition for endurance milestones.

Trivia Night

Host a trivia night at a local venue, charging teams or individuals to participate. Incorporate fundraising elements such as a 50/50 raffle or bonus rounds with additional fees. Collaborate with local businesses to donate prizes and allocate a portion of the proceeds to the fundraising cause.

Golf Tournament

Host a charity golf tournament at a local golf course. Secure a golf course and promote the event through golf clubs and local businesses. Charge entry fees for participants and seek sponsorships for each hole. You can also incorporate fundraising elements like longest drive, closest-to-the-pin contests, or mulligan sales.

Charity Concert

Organize a live music concert featuring local bands or artists. You can sell tickets at different price points, offer VIP packages with exclusive benefits, and encourage attendees to make additional donations. Promote the event through music-related platforms and social media.

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Community Event Ideas

Community and social events that cater to various interests and demographics can bring people together, foster a sense of belonging, and create positive experiences.

Community Clean-Up Day

Organize a day where community members come together to clean up parks, streets, or public spaces. Collaborate with local environmental organizations and spread the word through social media, community bulletin boards, and local news outlets. Consider partnering with waste management services to ensure proper disposal of collected trash.

Community Garden Day

Invite residents to participate in gardening activities, share gardening tips, and perhaps set up a community garden if there isn't one already. Collaborate with local gardening clubs or experts to provide guidance and information. Allocate space for community members to plant their own flowers or vegetables. Consider organizing workshops on sustainable gardening practices and composting. This event not only beautifies the neighborhood but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the environment.

You can also organize workshops, tree-planting events, and discussions on sustainable living, recycling, and conservation to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Neighborhood Potluck Dinner

Encouraging residents to prepare and bring dishes to share in a communal gathering is a great way to celebrate community through food. Create a sign-up sheet for participants to list the dishes they'll bring. Choose a central location like a community center or park and provide entertainment such as live music or games. Encourage participants to share the cultural or historical significance of their dishes for a richer experience.

Cultural Fair

Celebrate the diversity of the community by hosting a cultural fair with music, dance, food, and traditional attire from various cultures. Reach out to community members representing different cultures and encourage them to showcase traditional clothing, artifacts, and performances. Collaborate with local restaurants to offer diverse cuisines. Provide information booths highlighting the history and significance of each culture present. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Set up a large screen in a park or common area and host a movie night under the stars. Select a suitable outdoor venue, acquire the necessary equipment for projection and sound, and make sure you obtain the rights to screen the chosen movie. Advertise the event through community newsletters, social media, and local businesses. Consider involving local food vendors or encouraging attendees to bring snacks for a cozy, open-air movie night.

Art in the Park

Arrange an art festival or fair in a local park, featuring local artists, craftsmen, and musicians. Coordinate with local artists and artisans to set up booths or displays and arrange live art demonstrations, workshops for children, and possibly a stage for local musicians or performers. Collaborate with local businesses for sponsorships or donations to support the event.

Community Talent Show

Host a talent show that brings out the artistic and creative side of community members, featuring performances from musicians, dancers, comedians, and more. Secure a venue with a stage and necessary audiovisual equipment. Encourage community members of all ages and talents to participate and arrange a panel of judges or involve the audience in voting for performances. Create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates the diverse talents within the community.

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Book Swap Event

Organize a book exchange where people can bring books they've read and trade them for new ones. Set up a central location with clearly marked sections for different genres. Encourage participants to bring books in good condition and establish guidelines for the book exchange. Consider incorporating activities such as book readings and discussions or author meet-and-greets to enhance the literary experience.

Pet Parade and Contest

Encourage pet owners to showcase their furry friends in a community pet parade and host a contest for categories like best costume or most talented. Arrange a designated parade route for pet owners to showcase their animals. Set up judging criteria for categories like best costume, most talented, or cutest. Partner with local pet stores or veterinarians for sponsorships or prizes. Promote responsible pet ownership and consider involving animal welfare organizations in the event.

DIY Workshop Series

Offer workshops on various DIY projects, from home improvement to arts and crafts. This encourages skill-sharing within the community. Partner with local experts or businesses to lead workshops on various DIY projects. Secure a venue with ample space for hands-on activities and provide necessary materials for participants. Encourage the sharing of skills and ideas within the community to foster a collaborative DIY spirit.

Tech Fair

Showcase local technology innovations, host coding workshops, and provide a platform for tech enthusiasts to share their projects. Collaborate with local tech companies, startups, and educational institutions to showcase innovations and offer interactive exhibits. Arrange workshops on coding, robotics, and emerging technologies. This can also provide a platform for local tech enthusiasts to present their projects.

Local Business Showcase

Highlight local businesses by organizing a fair or market where they can set up booths and showcase their products or services and facilitate networking opportunities between business owners and community members. Promote the event through social media, community newsletters, and local business associations. Encourage businesses to offer special promotions or discounts during the showcase.

Community Fitness Challenge or Sports Tournament

Plan a community fitness challenge like a 5K run, or a group cycling event. Map out the route, ensuring safety and accessibility. You can also partner with local fitness instructors or gyms to lead warm-ups or cool-down sessions. Create a registration process for participants and consider offering medals or certificates for achievements. Use social media and local fitness communities to promote the event and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Similarly, you can organize a friendly sports tournament such as basketball, soccer, or volleyball for different age groups. Coordinate with local sports clubs or organizations to facilitate the tournament. Secure a suitable venue with playing fields and amenities. Establish clear rules, registration processes, and schedules. Encourage friendly competition, sportsmanship, and community engagement.

Virtual Event Ideas

Virtual events have become increasingly popular for their flexibility and accessibility. Whether these are community or company events, it’s imperative that you provide a user-friendly online event platform and easily accessible technical support to participants.

Digital Trade Shows or Expos

Transform traditional trade shows into virtual experiences by creating digital booths, live product demonstrations, and interactive sessions. Participants can explore exhibits and engage with representatives virtually. Promote the event through industry channels and provide clear instructions for navigating the virtual expo.

Online Fitness Classes

Organize virtual fitness classes or wellness sessions, such as yoga or meditation, to promote greater well-being. Collaborate with fitness instructors and consider offering a variety of classes to accommodate different preferences and fitness levels. Invite participants to join from the comfort of their homes and encourage them to turn on their cameras for a more interactive experience.

Virtual Hackathons or Coding Challenges

Host virtual hackathons or coding challenges to encourage innovation and collaboration among participants. Provide a platform for teams to showcase their projects and compete for prizes. Define clear problem statements or challenges and establish judging criteria. You can also offer mentorship or professional opportunities for participants.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Create virtual escape room experiences where teams work together to solve puzzles and complete challenges. You can collaborate with online escape room providers to engage in existing virtual experiences or design custom challenges. Provide clear instructions and consider video conferencing platforms to connect team members and facilitate communication during the experience.

Digital Concerts or Entertainment

Arrange virtual concerts or entertainment shows featuring musicians, poets, magicians, and other performers. You can also arrange a virtual comedy night with professional or amateur comedians. Consider incorporating interactive elements, such as live Q&A sessions or virtual meet-and-greets with performers.

Virtual Wine Tasting or Cooking Classes

Organize virtual wine tastings or cooking classes with a professional sommelier or chef guiding participants through the experience. You’ll need to ship tasting kits or ingredients to participants or provide a list of the featured items in advance. Encourage participants to interact by asking questions or sharing their experiences.

Online Gaming Tournament

Host an online gaming tournament by setting up tournament brackets, and choosing a gaming platform that supports virtual events. Provide clear guidelines for participation and competition and create a friendly competition atmosphere with prizes for winners. It’s a good idea to opt for popular multiplayer games to increase engagement and participation.

Virtual Career Fair

Organize a virtual career fair where job seekers can connect with employers to expand the reach of recruitment efforts and provide a platform for networking. Create virtual booths for employers and provide opportunities for interviews and networking through video calls, chat features, and informational sessions. Remember to provide clear instructions for participants to navigate the virtual fair.

Digital Art Showcase

Feature an online art exhibition or showcase for local artists. Use virtual galleries to display artwork and host virtual openings with artists discussing their creations. You may also consider incorporating artist interviews or panel discussions.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Encourage participation in virtual volunteer activities such as online mentoring, virtual tutoring, or remote community service projects. You can partner with organizations that offer remote volunteering options or brainstorm viable options Provide guidelines for participation and create a platform for sharing experiences.

Go From Concept to Successful Event

Whether you’re fostering team cohesion, growing professional networks, launching products, or building connections within a community, these event ideas should spark inspiration as you plan your next gathering. 

Ultimately, however, the success of corporate and community events lies in the thoughtful curation of experiences that resonate with participants and achieve specific goals. By knowing what your attendees want, you can plan an effective event that really resonates with participants.

Be sure to reinforce your event planning with innovative event management solutions that can streamline the planning process, enhance attendee engagement, and ultimately contribute to the success of your events. 

Hope Swedeen

Hope Salvatori

Hope is a Senior Content Marketing Associate who has been with Cvent for more than two years. She has 8 years of experience producing content for corporations, small businesses, associations, nonprofits, and universities. As a content professional, she has created content for a wide range of industries, including meetings and events, government and defense, education, health, and more.

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