B2W Software, Inc. Success Story

Manually registering hundreds of attendees for B2W’s Annual User Conference used to involve several departments company-wide and took countless hours. Realizing these processes were a bit archaic, B2W needed an automated, web-based tool that would improve event management.

Hours saved during registration.


Less time spent searching for event options.


As B2W’s Annual User Conference grew along with their client base, so did the complexity of the event registration process. The event management experience involved utilization of a single spreadsheet, and no real functionality for managing attendees. Reporting was basic, with massive data transfers taking place manually between various, disparate programs.

When registration opened, the outdated payment system (fax machines were utilized for manual credit card payments) meant that once again, the participation of other departments was necessary. In this case, the Finance department had to handle all credit card transactions and refunds.

What They Wanted:

  • Automated, web-based tool to improve event management.
  • Updated payment system independent of different departments.


The Solution (Utilizing the Platform)

Event Management

After utilizing Cvent’s platform, B2W was able to save up to 72 man hours during the registration process for their conferences. Heitmann, Director of Marketing at B2W explained that the payment processing, which was in dire need for an upgrade, no longer became a concern. Tasks that were so arduous in the past, and somewhat confusing to attendees (such as processing refunds), now are extremely simple to perform and no longer require inter-departmental involvement. Another large benefit is the major post-event export and their ability to report on all sessions attended. Using this data, their team tracks registrations by day, week, month; notes money coming in by day, week, month, year; and follows who attended or canceled and examine roster reports for their educational sessions.

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Supplier Network

B2W took advantage of other Cvent tools to save time and expenses. When it came time to source their Annual User Conference, the team took advantage of the free Cvent Supplier Network resource. No longer does the B2W team need to spend hours online, searching for venues and vendors to meet their expectations. B2W also uses the Supplier Network to block rooms for staff when they exhibit at trade shows, and also for their post conference meetings, and are always pleased by the speed at which they receive proposals from various properties.

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Supplier Network Features


The Results

Improve Planning Process

B2W plans on expanding their next conference - using different price points for different registrations, expanding registration by enhancing multiple registration paths, varying price points on seminars, and offering different levels of payment in a ‘pay to play’ format.

Enhance Attendee Experience

“We’re looking to expand registration for our next conference by using the multiple registration paths, with different levels of payment and session offerings. It will give our attendees more flexibility in building their agenda and make for a better overall experience.” says Heitmann. By using the power of the Cvent platform, B2W is poised to reach the next level of success for their conferences and meetings.


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