Success For All

Success for All works with schools throughout the United States, Canada, Guam and the United Kingdom to provide teachers with a curriculum designed to help at-risk students succeed academically. To achieve this, the Foundation holds an average of 20 events each year aimed at training field staff and administrators from participating schools. Most of the Foundation’s conferences attract between 125-180 attendees, but its largest conference, the Experienced Sites Conference, draws over 800 attendees.


Saved per hotel room.

Over 65

hours saved per event.


Dedicated staff member.

The Problem

Success for All used to rely solely on tedious, labor-intensive processes to run its events. The Foundation kept track of contacts in its own database and mailed invitations and bulky 15-page event brochures to invitees—all over the U.S., as well as Guam and the UK. Once attendees mailed or faxed back their event registrations, the 10-person staff at Success for All had to manually enter the registrations into their database.

What They Wanted:

  • An automated method to process online event registrations.
  • A free site to search, compare, and bid on multiple venues.
  • A way to increase engagement and interaction while onsite.


The Platform Solution

Cvent Event Management Infographic

Cvent offered Success for All a complete solution for planning its events from start to finish. With Cvent, Success for All could find an affordable venue, market its events, build online registration websites, engage attendees during the event, and collect post-event feedback.

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What They Got

  • An online, all-in-one event management platform.
  • Mobile event app engagement live at events.
  • Affordable, online event sourcing solutions.


Finding Venues

By working with Cvent’s Supplier Network, Novotny eliminated time-consuming phone calls and email exchanges while broadening the scope of destinations and venues she receives requests for proposals from—ensuring Success for All gets the best deal possible.

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Eliminating Manual Registration

With Cvent’s Event Management tool, Novotny and team saved over 65 hours of time per event. Instead of mailing and recording event registrations and sending large information packets, all invites and event details were online. Through Cvent registrant reporting, the team could see which sessions were most popular and use that information to plan successful events in the future.

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New Leaders app on devices

Going Mobile

With the prevalence of mobile smartphone usage increasing among attendees, Success for All decided to add a CrowdCompass mobile event app to its New Leaders Institute event. As a result, the foundation cut down on printed materials and allowed attendees to access event information and complete session evaluations right through their mobile devices. Evaluations completed through the app were then immediately available in Cvent, which was a huge convenience for Novotny and team.

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The Results

While it used to take several days and multiple employees to manually mail out event invitations, now with online registration, it’s a one-person job that takes a few hours. Success for All’s CrowdCompass app has modernized the Foundation’s events. Attendees access event information right on their phones without having to carry around large information packets, and the Foundation can spend more time analyzing its post-event feedback instead of just inputting it into a spreadsheet. The Foundation’s entire event planning lifecycle—from booking the initial venue to collecting feedback—is more efficient with Cvent.

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