How can we reduce the environmental impact of our events?​

How can Cvent support your sustainability goals?​

Track & Manage Event Sustainability

The tools you need

Reduce waste and single-use items

Discover how

Work with sustainable suppliers

Identify suppliers

Reduce your travel

Leverage technology

Track and manage your event sustainability

Meeting Request Forms​

Use Cvent Meeting Request Forms to track appropriate use of event formats and approve all in-person meetings with travel, ensuring that they're in-line with sustainability measures and goals.​

Budget Management​

Use the Budget Management solution to track your spend with sustainable vendors and venues, so you can identify where you're making eco-friendly investments and where you have room for improvement.​

Event registration and tracking

Housing & Travel Management ​

Use event registration to capture attendees' housing and travel details, so you can offer attendees the most sustainable options for their needs and store the data for accurate reporting.​

Reporting & Insights​

Combine data with other systems using Cvent's open API. Create a data visualisation dashboard to view green meetings data collected in Cvent.​

Reduce waste

Event Management​

Offer and promote environmentally conscious decisions using direct-to-attendee communication tools. Encourage attendees to register for a meal to provide a more accurate headcount in order to reduce food waste, highlight sustainable practices via the event website and promote group transportation. ​

Attendee Hub Event App​

Allow attendees to access the agenda, collateral, surveys, venue maps and more through Attendee Hub Event App in order to reduce paper waste. Avoid re-prints using real-time updates for any last minute changes.​



Digitally capture leads at both events you host and the ones you attend, so you no longer need to collect and give out business cards. Send eLiterature to prospects to avoid the shipping and printing of printed materials.​


Cvent OnArrival offers recyclable and biodegradable options for onsite badging and digitises the check-in experience to reduce paper waste. With just-in-time name badge printing, you can avoid unused badges going to waste for no-shows or badges that require updates.​

Track your event sustainability​

In order to help organisations track their carbon output, ICE, in collaboration with Cvent, VisitScotland, the SEC and agencies DRPG and Maritz Global Events, have all helped to fund the BETA version of a Sustainability Measurement App, that will be free of charge and applicable for every event.

Identify sustainable suppliers​

Cvent Supplier Network​

Use Cvent Supplier Network to easily search for, send RFPs to and source venues that promote sustainable practices and are environmentally friendly.​

Cvent Travel​

Source and negotiate rates from hotels that use sustainable practices, so that you can create a pre-approved list of sustainable hotels for your employees to choose from. ​

Reduce your travel

Cvent Diagramming & Seating​

Avoid unnecessary trips to venues and opt for a virtual walk-through of potential event spaces for your event, saving you time and money by skipping initial onsite visits.​

Attendee Hub​

Choose to go virtual with an event to reduce travel carbon footprint. Even if you can’t go fully virtual, hosting your event in a hybrid format with Attendee Hub means you can greatly cut back on environmental impact without sacrificing the audience or engagement reached by your event.​

The path to a sustainable programme​


Understand your organisation's goals and ensure you have a sustainability policy in place.​


Use data to track your current impact and measure your sustainability efforts​


Use the data you have tracked to act on this data and make improvements.​


Reflect on the impact of your meeting, events and travel today so that you can continue making data driven decisions going forward.​